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How to gain control of your emotions

Letting yourself be you Often people have problems controlling their emotional response to a stimuli. They lose control simply because they have not yet learned how to deal with the curves life presents. Throughout a lifetime, changes within the body take place, and this is also true of emotional... More

How to grieve

Grief Grief is harrowing and can involve a long process through various stages. It is generally considered that there are five stages of grief that a person will go through when bereaved. However, not every person will have to deal with every stage and the stages can be... More

How to let go of the past

Letting go by acceptance. Often our present lives are haunted by past actions. These come into our thoughts and cloud our judgment of life, almost as if haunting us into some kind of acceptance that this is as good as it gets. The past is part of who we are. It helps to form a human being through... More

How to cope with stress

Stress can be defined as the physical and emotional response of our body to an external event that threatens to change the equilibrium of our life. The event can be a joyous one or emotionally debilitating but the physiological response to it can be very similar. A demanding job or a special... More

How to deal with constant tiredness

Often in life, humans go through periods when they have little energy. There are always reasons for lack of energy and these should be dealt with to get the body back into great shape and the mind focused on energy. This "How to" guide covers the basics of looking after yourself and finding out... More

How to act like a 4-year old: Gaining perspective

Bringing out the inner child When was the last time you looked around you in awe? As adults go through life, they forget this wonderful feeling of awe inspiring realization which children feel every day of their young lives. We go through the motions. We see logic, problems, political argument,... More

How to become happier

Simple ways to help yourself be happier Every day we are subjected to bad news, criticism, unhappy relationships, financial issues, and health worries. It is no wonder we find it hard to be happy. We get into the habit of seeing most situations as negative and worry about the future. It takes... More

How to relieve stress by using your inner child

Use your inner child to relieve stress We live in a world where people are constantly striving for more and everything seems to be a competition. It is not surprising that so many of us feel the affects of stress. Too many responsibilities on our shoulders, too many deadlines to meet and too many... More

How to channel anger

Using negative anger energy for positive gain Many people who suffer from anger don't realise the potential they create. Anger used in a negative manner festers and helps no one. Most of the time, those who are angry have justification for their anger, though the object of their anger is not... More

How to make sugar cookie bath salts

There are few things that rival a nice warm bubble bath to reduce stress and find comfort. A simple bath can be turned into a spa like experience. The good news is that is does not need to be expensive. Sugar cookie bath salts are full of magnesium sulphate. This mineral reduces stress and... More