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How to stop snoring

Sleepless nights with a snorer Snoring can affect anyone at any age, though middle age is a key factor with around 40 percent in this category regularly snoring. Other factors include weight, alcohol consumption, smoking habits, side effects of medication, as well as the position you sleep in and... More

How to help a loved one with anxiety/panic disorder

When a loved one is diagnosed with an anxiety and panic disorder, you may feel confused and helpless. You may question how, when, and why this happened. Remember, anxiety disorder is an illness like any other illness. Panic attacks are crippling and can occur without warning or any obvious... More

How to recognize a potentially violent individual

Just odd, or potentially violent? Not enough time or attention has historically been given to learning to recognize the profile of a potentially violent individual. The emerging need to do so is a sad testimonial to the rise of violence in the twenty-first century. Random acts of violent behavior... More