How to calculate Weight Watchers points

How to calculate Weight Watchers points

How to calculate Weight Watcher points

Weight Watchers provides its members with a variety of tools to help them achieve their weight loss goals. The points system used by Weight Watchers helps members track the food they eat and the exercise they perform by converting these amounts into point values. The point values are then subtracted from or added to a daily points balance. Members use their daily points balance to meter the amount of food they eat each day.


Step 1

Calculating points from nutritional information

The Weight Watchers points calculator can easily help you calculate the amount of points for any amount of food based on the nutritional information for that food.

From the nutritional information, find the amount of fiber per serving and the amount of calories per serving. Move the sliding portion of the calculator to line up the amount of fiber with the amount of calories. Then, find the amount of fat from the nutritional information and locate that number on the right side of the calculator. The amount of fat will be lined up with the number of points for that particular serving.

For point values that are close to a line between two values, round up to the next largest point value.

Step 2

Calculating points from Weight Watcher books

For food items that do not have nutritional information, such as fruits and vegetables, and eating out, Weight Watchers points guides can be valuable resources to members. The Week 1 booklet contains a basic food list with points that covers some of the most commonly eaten foods. The expanded food guide and fast food guide contains detailed information on point values for just about any food and a wide variety of restaurant items, respectively.

Step 3

Calculating activity points

Activity points allow you to «credit» points to your daily points allowance based on the duration and intensity of your activities. Weight Watchers recommends approximately 4 points of activity each day, or 28 activity points per week.

The reverse of the points calculator allow members to calculate the activity points for just about any activity based on time and intensity, and the weight of the member. Slight the movable part of the calculator to line up your weight with the amount of time spent on that activity. Select an intensity, and find the points value that lines up with that intensity level.

You will Need
• Nutritional information
• Weight Watchers Points Calculator
• Weight Watchers Food Guide

Tips & Warnings
• Always consult your physician before beginning any weight loss program.
• Points values can also be calculated using the e-Tools calculator on the Weight Watchers web site.


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