How to come up with back to school lunch box ideas

How to come up with back to school lunch box ideas

Getting it right

Kids in school will usually be pleased to open their lunchbox, if it is packed with things they think are delicious. The problem faced by parents whose children do not have cooked school lunches is that they want to be sure the child is being fed correctly, even though confined to a packed lunch. To try and get the child away from the bad habits of the vacation period, this may come up with some resistance unless you get the balance right.


Step 1

Vegetable shapes

Fresh vegetables cut into imaginative shapes are fun. It takes a little longer to prepare these vegetables, but if you do them in advance and put them into the refrigerator the night before, these can prove to be very tempting. Make stars, hearts, and shapes your kids will enjoy laughing about. Make their food fun. Carrots, beetroot, etc., can be cut in ways that make them look forward to opening the box.

Step 2

Add nibbles to tempt them

Kids like fun food. Look at different presentation of cheese. Often Babybel cheeses are great fun for kids, and just right for their little hands. Not only that but they provide the valuable calcium a child needs for their growth. Look at those cheeses which are presented in fun ways like cheese strings.

Step 3

Let them suggest ideas

Get the kids to write fun lists of things they like. Nibbles don’t have to be unhealthy or filled to brimming with carbohydrates. Some of their ideas incorporated into their lunchbox will be things they enjoy showing their friends.

Step 4

Cereal bars

Look for those which have the least fat content, and avoid ones which are chocolate covered. If you look on the shelves at the supermarkets, you can introduce minimal chocolate so that the child is tempted, but choose those bars which have the best nutritional value.

Step 5

Fun salads

Mix up salads such as grated carrot and celery mixed with a low fat mayonnaise. Add a small plastic fork and let them look grown up. Many smaller children love to feel that the food they are eating is grown up food. Add eggs, meat, and little things you know they like. Cold doesn’t have to be boring.

Step 6


Minimize the bread content of the lunchbox. This is too much carbohydrate if it is thick white slices. If they like bread but you don’t want to encourage weight gain, let them have a slice with their salad instead of sandwiches. This way it acts as a treat without overdoing it.

Step 7

Fruit and sultanas

Add great fruit. Get children to love fruit. The easiest fruit for a child is a banana, but try to introduce a variety of fruit. You can even sneak a little pineapple into a mixed salad without them even noticing it. Fruit gives them a lot of vitamins that they need during this growth period.

Step 8


Hide one treat at the bottom of the lunchbox for them to find when they have finished the rest. This stops tempting them to eat their lunch before lunchtime. Make the treat sufficient for the child to feel it’s special, but small enough not to give too many calories. They will love this, and find it a real treat, and you can even add a message from mom.

Things Needed
• A lot of imagination
• Making the food fun
• Great presentation

Tips & Warnings
• Let the child give you clues as to their favorite foods
• Don’t give in to letting them have too many chips and snacks which are unhealthy
• Give a child water based drinks instead of canned drinks.


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