How to eat to lose belly fat

The topic on belly fat and if certain food can actually help to lose belly fat has many advocates in both directions. There are those who believe certain foods definitely have the ability to reduce belly fat while others laugh it off and claim the only way to lose belly fat is to lose weight. As we all know, belly fat can be dangerous and it has been proved that it is far more dangerous to have excess fat around your belly than anywhere else. Apart from being unhealthy it is also unattractive and uncomfortable.

While there are some people who tend to have belly fat without really being overweight, many people who carry excess weight around the stomach might also be overweight.


Step 1

Make a mind shift

Losing weight is a mind shift and not a diet. By now we should all know that diets don’t work. They might work for a while but most people who have been on a very strict diet and lost a lot of weight tend to pick the weight up again. The quicker the weight loss occur the easier it is to pick it up.

The only way to lose weight and that includes belly fat is to eat a healthy diet where fruit and vegetables form the basis of your diet. Raw fruit and vegetables are the best. Protein, fat and carbohydrates are important in a healthy diet and should not be omitted completely. If you eat meat, keep it lean. The same goes for dairy products. Low-fat and skimmed products have the same amount of calcium as full cream, but less fat. Fats should be healthy fats such as olive oil, avocados and nuts.

Eat the food you enjoy. Eat moderate portions and remember having a small treat once in a while will not make you fat. It is when the treats become the norm that you start picking up weight.

Step 2

Get exercise

Eating correctly without sufficient exercise is never that effective.

There is unfortunately nothing that can replace exercise. No pills, no vibrating machines or magic beds will do the job. That said, exercise doesn’t have to be a punishment. If you don’t enjoy what you do there is no way you will make it last.

People believe the gym is the only option and that is not true. Gym owners and marketing agents will try to get you to believe the only way you can exercise is in the gym. Some people love to gym and should continue to do so, but there are just as many who hate going there and eventually try all kinds of excuses not to go, regardless of the expensive gym contract.

There are many other ways to exercise and there is at least one form of exercise that you will enjoy, if not more.

It can be a sport, a console game such as the Wii Fit program, dancing, yoga or just a brisk walk.

Find your fun activity and spend some time on it every day. If you look forward to your special exercise hour you will know that you found the right activity.

Step 3

Food that causes bloating

It is a fact that certain food can cause a reaction in some people. Sometimes people are not really overweight but they suffer from a big stomach. This might be bloating rather than fat. Wheat, gluten or even yeast can be responsible for this. The only way to find out what might cause it is to eliminate certain food from your diet for a while and see if it makes a difference.

Some people can eat wheat but not anything made with yeast. They can have pasta without any reaction, but not bread or anything else baked with yeast. Others might have a reaction to wheat and gluten and should stay away from any breads, cakes or pasta made with wheat products.

Step 4

Fat burning food

Fat burning food is a big hype on the Internet and you can’t help to wonder if there is any truth in it. The good news is that fat burning food exists, but the bad news is that the typical fat burning food is food you usually associate with a diet.

It makes sense though because the only way to lose weight is to take in less calories then what you burn. These foods qualify as fat burning food because it actually takes more energy to digest the food than what the calorie count of the food is. Typical fat burning foods are mostly from the vegetable and fruit groups, such as strawberries, apples, cabbage, spinach, green beans and cucumber.

There is a common believe that olive oil burn stomach fat and research that was done at the University of North West in South Africa found that avocado can assist in reducing stomach fat. In another research project it was found to low fat dairy products can assist in losing fat.

While there are a few foods such as the above-mentioned that can assist in losing belly fat, it is also important to remember that avoiding certain foods can also help to control belly fat. Older people tend to suffer from belly fat more than younger people. It has been proved that a high fat diet can lead to fat build-up in the colon which again can create a bigger stomach even if the person is not otherwise overweight.

It is better to cut animal fat from your diet and replace that with healthier fats such as olive oil and avocado.

Things Needed
• Lots of vegetables and fruit
• Olive oil
• Avocado
• Determination
• Discipline
• A preferred physical activity
• Water

Tips & Warnings
• Don’t expect miracles.
• Drink enough water.
• Avoid animal fats as far as possible.
• Use olive oil rather than butter or margarine.
• Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.
• If you eat meat make sure it is lean meat.
• Avoid bread and cakes if you tend to be bloated.
• Mantain a good posture. A bad posture can make your stomach look bigger.
• Give preference to fresh food and limit processed food to the minimum.
• If you are not overweight, but only have a big stomach it might be because of fat build-up in the colon, a bad posture or a reaction to wheat, gluten or yeast.
• Some form of exercise is necessary. It is not only necessary to loose weight, but also to be healthy.


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