How to cook a delicious steak on the stove

How to cook great steak indoors

Cooking the perfect steak does not require an expensive top-of-the-line stainless steel monstrosity when we all have a cook top and an oven. The recipes for making a great steak are simple and the results are positively delicious. A simple frying up, some well chosen rubs, herbs and condiments will yield a mouth-watering tender steak. The same can be said for cooking multiple steaks using the oven’s broiler setting and a large pan with a metal rack insert. Indoor grilling machines take very little space and yield great results.


Step 1

Frying pan method

Items needed:

*A large frying pan
*A 2 inch steak (At room temperature and completely dry)
*Seasoning: Chopped up garlic, garlic powder, salt, pepper and Montreal steak seasoning.
* Enough vegetable oil to coat the pan and some to coat the steak.
*Use paper towels to dry the steak completely. The goal here is to remove water and add flavor. By removing excess moisture, the steak won’t be steamed.

Instructions: Coat the pan with vegetable oil. Rub garlic powder and pepper all over the steak and coat the steak with oil (not dripping, just enough to hold the spices and rub mixture together. The oil will aid to sear the meat). Gently heat up the oil and put in the chopped up garlic. Let it saut until the garlic is mushy. Remove garlic pieces and turn up the heat until very hot, but not smoking. Lower heat to medium. Add the steak and let it sit on one side for about 4 minutes, this will sear the steak and keep the juices from running, add the Montreal Steak Seasoning and flip the steak over. Repeat on all sides. Keep heat on medium and cook each side for approximately 5 minutes without disturbing. Total cooking time after searing should be around 10 minutes, but a meat thermometer should be used to determined «doneness» (See list in third column)

Step 2

Indoor electric grill

Electric grillers make it possible to grill indoor or on a table top.


2 inch steaks at room temperature and dry.
Rub the Montreal Steak Seasoning, garlic powder and pepper on all sides.
Coat the non-stick surface with Pam spray (or any other brand)
Allow the pan to reach desired temperature (typically 300 degrees).
Place steak on heated grill and let it sear for about 4 minutes.
Turn it over and let it sear for another 4 minutes.
Check temperature with meat thermometer.
Lower heat and let it simmer until done. (check internal temperature)
Season with salt to taste.
Remove to plate and allow it to rest for 5 minutes.

Step 3

Oven method

Items needed:

* A broiler pan.
* A broiler rack
* Several 2 inch thick steaks (4?) at room temperature
* Garlic powder, Salt, Montreal Steak seasoning and pepper.

Arrange the oven rack to be as close to the broiler as possible. (do not allow steaks to touch the broiler element). Adjust accordingly.
Pat dry the steak with paper towels.
Rub the garlic powder, pepper and Montreal steak seasoning all over the steak.
Place steaks on top of the grilling rack with the broiler pan under it.
Allow it to broil on each side for about 4 minutes and check for doneness.
Use thermometer to determine doneness.

Sprinkle desire amount of salt and let the steak «rest» undisturbed for a about 5 minutes to distribute juices.

Did you know?

A steak under 1 inch thick will dry out when cooking. The best thickness for a steak is 1 � to 2 inches thick.

Steak should be a nice bright red, not dark. If it is too dark, it is dry and has been in the butcher’s chiller too long.

Salt should be added at the end of the cooking process to prevent the water inherent in all meats from rising to the surface. When cooking, the water will «steam» the meat.

Depending on the size of the steak, it should be allowed to reach room temperature for at least 30 minutes before cooking.

Always use a meat thermometer to avoid the temptation of cutting into the steak and allowing juices to flow.

Drying the steak with paper towels will remove excess moisture and will allow the steak to brown rather than turn gray (steaming will do this).

Browned bits left in the pan will make a great sauce by slowly saut ing some chopped up onions and mushroom and adding some liquid (red wine, water, beef stock). Slowly simmer and allow evaporation to occur. Place saut ed vegetables and sauce atop the steak.

Things Needed
• A large, flat frying pan
• Broiler pan and broiler rack
• Salt.
• Pepper.
• Garlic.
• Montreal Steak Seasoning.
• Oil and oil spray.

Tips & Warnings
• Use tongs.
• Do not over heat the oil.
• Use the meat thermometer.
• Keep an eye on the steak since oven temperatures vary by altitude and brand and make of stove (same thing applies to the cook top since not all burners produce the same BTU’s)
• Always add salt at the end to prevent moisture to rise to the surface and «steam» the meat.


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