How to decorate a baseball cake

How to decorate a baseball cake

Baseball season — for Little League and the Major Leagues — begins around the end of March or beginning of April each year in the United States. Teams and fans alike will rave when they celebrate their wins with an authentic looking baseball cake. It’s easy to make and easy to decorate, so give it a try and enjoy your home run!


Step 1

Mix up cake batter and bake in three ramekins, using temperature specified. Ramekins should be greased, a circle of parchment paper placed in the bottom (push it down onto the greased bottom, then turn it over). Lightly dust entire inside of ramekins with flour. Baking time will vary; test after 25-30 minutes by inserting toothpick. It comes out clean, cake is ready to remove from oven. Cool 10 minutes; remove from ramekins and cool completely on rack.

Step 2

Make 4 cups of white buttercream frosting. Remove 1/2 cup frosting and add red food coloring. Remove another 1 cup of frosting and add green food coloring. Cover and set aside.

Step 3

Cut a small amount of the top off one cake layer and place that layer upside down on a cake board or cake plate. Frost top with thin layer of white buttercream frosting. Place second layer on top, right side up. If the ball shape needs more rounding, top it with the piece removed from the first layer, using a thin layer of frosting to attach.

Step 4

Spread a thin crumb-coat of icing over the entire «ball». Let it set for 10-15 minutes till feels slightly crusted. Apply another thin coat of icing and carefully smooth the surface of the cake.

Step 5

Refer to a picture of a baseball or a real one. Use a sandwich pick or the decorating spatula to draw two deep grooves around the ball, starting each line at the base of the cake, going over the top and ending up on the bottom on the other side. This represents the seam. Use the wide end of the toothpick to poke holes on either side of the seam. This is where «stitches» will be inserted.’’

Step 6

Fill a decorating bag with red (or dark orange) icing and a #3 or #4 tip; make the stitches, starting in a hole and ending in the groove. This color can also be used to write numbers, names or other words on the ball.

Step 7

Grow grass at the base of the baseball cake with the green icing and a star tip on a decorating bag. To create a blade of grass, place the tip as close as possible to the base of the baseball cake and pull outward using slow, steady pressure. Gradually release the pressure to create a point.

Things Needed
• 3 5-1/4” x 2-1/2” Ramekins
• Ingredients for your favorite cake (or for store-bought cake mix)
• Long sharp knife or cake leveler
• Medium consistency, white buttercream icing
• Two 8” or 9” decorating bags
• Decorating spatula
• Food coloring: red and green
• Wilton decorating round tip #3 or #4
• Wilton decorating star tip #21 or #22 (optional, if choose to make grass)
• Small decorating bag
• Sandwich (tooth)picks

Tips & Warnings
• To make a larger baseball cake, use 2 larger bowls
• Two layers of icing, a crumb-coat and a second coat, will provide the smoothest surface
• “Grass” will hide any icing splatters on the board or plate at the base of the ball
• Wipe excess icing off spatula after each stroke


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