How to make chocolate peanut clusters

Step 1

Melt the chocolates together

Open and pour both bags of chocolate chip morsels into a microwave-safe glass bowl.

Turn your microwave power setting to low heat.

Microwave the morsels in 30 second bursts; check on them after each time.

When the morsels start to glisten and shine they are beginning to melt, stir them at this time, if any are not melted, repeat the 30 second burst once more.

Continue until morsels are melted.

Step 2

Add peanuts

Place the waxed paper on a flat counter-top or work surface.

Add the peanuts to the melted chocolate and stir until all peanuts are covered with the chocolate.

Drop 4 oz. scoops of the chocolate peanut mixture onto the length of waxed paper.

Allow to cool undisturbed at least 2 hours; they will harden as they cool.

Store in a cool, dry place. If you put them in bags use a loose cellophane style bag, closed with a twist tie.

How to Melt Chocolate — Nina Wanat, founder of and chocolatier at BonBonBar, says that melting chocolate doesn’t have to be a chore, slaving over the double boiler. Use God-given tools such as the microwave.

Things Needed
• 1-12 oz. bag of milk chocolate, chocolate chip morsels
• 1-12 oz. bag of dark chocolate, chocolate chip morsels
• 16 oz. Spanish peanuts, with the hulls
• Large mixing bowl
• Rubber spatula
• Microwave, to melt chocolate morsels
• 16-18 inch length of waxed paper
• 4 oz. ice cream or cookie scoop

Tips & Warnings
• Combining two kind of chocolate creates a special flavor for these Nut Clusters.
• Plastic bags can create moisture ion the chocolate and they may soften, store in foil or cellophane.
• True Peanut Clusters are made using only Spanish Peanuts with the hulls intact.
• Microwave the chocolate in short bursts to prevent over cooking and causing the chocolate to «seize» or turn hard from cooking.


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