How to make quick and easy apple pastries

How to make quick and easy apple pastries

Here’s for a great recipe anytime, but especially when you have a phone-call to say «we’re only an hour away» or friends will be calling in for a tea or coffee today.

All you need to have on stand-by, are puff pastry sheets in your freezer and a can of sliced pie apples from the pantry. You can quickly make up a delicious serving of apple pastries!

One of our all time favorites; apple pastries are delicious warm, or cold; however you like.

Extras you can add if preferred: A light dusting of icing sugar ahead of serving, or a spoonful of cream on the side.


Step 1

With your can of sliced pie apples, place contents into bowl, adding only as much sugar as preferred.

You can get away without any added sugar if looking to keep these more ‘tarty’ flavored.

Also add a little mixed spice.

Step 2

Thaw frozen puff pastry sheets and then cut through in the middle, both horizontally and vertically.

You end up then with four squares from a single sheet of pastry. From the prepared apple mixture, place a portion in the middle of each pastry square.

Using a pastry-brush, dip into milk and glaze around the outside edges of each square.

Step 3

Fold one corner of the pastry diagonally, across the filling, and then press down at the opposite corner.

Press with your thumb around the pastry triangle edges, turning the corners inwards to prevent burning. You can also roll the edges over a little as shown here.

Step 4

Cover a baking tray with baking (or parchment) paper and place the apple pastries. Now they’re ready for a light glaze of milk, and then sprinkle with the cinnamon/sugar blend.

Press a sharp knife into the centre of each pastry to allow steam to escape during baking.

Step 5

Bake depending on your oven, medium to medium-hot; from approx 320 deg. F (160 deg. C), for approximately 15 minutes. Place onto a cake rack to cool down.

Things Needed
• sliced pie apples
• mixed spice
• cinnamon/sugar blend
• frozen puff pastry sheets


• A large can of sliced pie apples can make up to 16 individual apple pastries.
• Thaw frozen puff pastry sheets ahead.
• Best made within a few hours of serving. The moist apple content can tend to soften up the lovely puff pastry attributes.


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