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How to make patriotic layered Jell-O dessert

Layers of patriotic goodness Jell-O gelatin is a great way to serve at a July 4th celebration. This red, white and blue dessert has three layers of red and blue jello and is topped with a creamy white whipped topping. The layers are so attractive that everyone will want to know how you made this... More

How to make patriotic Jell-O poke cake

This red, white and blue dessert takes the cake Patriotic Jell-O Poke cake is a quick and easy recipe to make a dessert that everyone will love for the July 4th holiday, Memorial Day or a military coming home party. The use of red and blue Jell-O gives the dessert its patriotic colors and the... More

How to make cherry crepes (blintzes)

Cherry crepes to die for Step 3 Cooking crepes 1- After pouring batter onto the hot griddle, either spread the batter with the back of a soup ladle, or lift the griddle and gently tilt it in a circular motion, allowing batter shaping the crepe, to form a nicely rounded product. You don't want... More

How to cook perfect bacon

Cook bacon like they do in restaurants Cooking bacon in the oven is a quick and easy method for cooking this sometimes finicky meat. Oven fried bacon rewards you with sandwich fillings or breakfast sides, and it can be crumbled into scrambled eggs. It offers a multitude of other uses. Bacon is... More

How to make smoked salmon

Homemade smoked salmon If you have ever had smoked salmon from a deli and loved it but the price of this choice meat kept you out of the store, then this is of great interest to you. Here we will be discussing the techniques for smoking fresh salmon fillets using a home B-B-Q grill and a couple... More

How to make traditional Christmas truffles

Home made truffles taste very different than bought ones, but the great thing about these is the ingenuity of wrappings and the fact that the recipient knows you have made them yourself. For relatives and friends, these make a wonderful alternative to bought chocolates and are tasty. Crisp on the... More

How to roast pumpkin seeds using soy sauce

A tasty fall treat October is a wonderful time of year. The fall harvest time means ripe pumpkins for carving and harvesting the seeds for roasting. Pumpkin seeds are not only delicious, but they are also healthy for you. Pumpkin seeds are full of zinc, protein, iron, magnesium, vitamin K and the... More

How to cook a turkey

Versatile, healthful and easy to cook Turkey is a great treat that many people only cook during the holidays. Once the weather begins to cool down however, turkey can become a great option to red meat. Turkey has a lot of flexible uses including in soups, stews, meat pies and more. Few things... More

How to make seven layer dip

A party favorite When was the last time you went to a party and didn't see a variation of the seven layer dip? This dip has been gracing parties for at least the last twenty years. It is simple to make and the ingredients are all easily obtainable and inexpensive. It can be served simply with... More

How to make beer bread

Men enjoy baking beer bread Beer bread is a quick and easy bread to bake. It is a favorite of many men who love to bake bread because its simple to make and delightfully good to eat! A novice baker can do this or even an avid bread baker may want to branch out, have some fun and make beer... More