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How to make Mom’s Valentine sugar cookies

Spreading the Valentine's Day love one cookie at a time It's Valentine's Day and you want to make something special for the one you love or maybe some treats for school for the kids. Mom's old-fashioned cut out Valentine's Day Cookies are perfect for this lovely holiday. Decorating is limited... More

How to cater for unexpected guests

Days when unexpected guests call Most people know that holidays are a time when the unexpected happens. People have free time on their hands, and may just visit. Not all are prepared, and not being prepared can make you look like a bad host. With a few precautions, and by knowing what to keep in... More

How to cook bacon in the oven

Cook bacon like they do in restaurants Cooking bacon in the oven is a quick and easy method for cooking this sometimes finicky meat. Oven fried bacon rewards you with sandwich fillings or breakfast sides, and it can be crumbled into scrambled eggs. It offers a multitude of other uses. Bacon is... More

How to quick soak beans

Forgot to soak the beans overnight? Most bean recipes advise soaking the beans overnight, which helps reduce the required cooking time. Soaking beans before cooking them also helps remove indigestible compounds from the outer portion of the bean. If you want to cook beans today, you can do a... More

How to make frosting or icing without powdered or confectioner’ s sugar

Substitutes for powdered sugar in frosting recipes Whether you need to frost a cake and have no powdered sugar in the house, or are looking for a powdered sugar-free recipe for health reasons, you can mix up an easy, tasty frosting without confectioner's sugar. Follow the steps below to prepare... More

How to make an ice cream cake

An easy recipe for ice cream cake You will receive all kinds of compliments on your culinary skills when you serve this version of ice cream cake at your next gathering. It is simple to make and there are so many different ways you can vary the recipe that you have a different cake for every... More

How to smoke salmon

Homemade smoked salmon If you have ever had smoked salmon from a deli and loved it but the price of this choice meat kept you out of the store, then this is of great interest to you. Here we will be discussing the techniques for smoking fresh salmon fillets using a home B-B-Q grill and a couple... More

How to cook a whole chicken:  best and simplest way ever!

Juicy, tender chicken is in the bag! Roast chicken is great standby when you're having guests for dinner. It requires hardly any effort, you don't have to watch it, and it's always a winner! There are many, many "secrets" to a good roast chicken, one which is succulent yet cooked through. Some... More

How to make seaweed pie

A delicious dessert that belies its name   No way! That is probably the first thing your guests will say when you ask if they would like a piece of seaweed pie for dessert. The name of this dessert comes from the color of the pie and not the ingredients. There is no... More

How to make a grilled portobello sandwich

A grilled portobello sandwich can be as simple as cooking a portobello mushroom 5-6 minutes on a small George Foreman grill, then serving it on a whole wheat bun with cheese, ketchup and mustard. This method works especially well when no outdoor cooking facilities or tools are... More