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How to smoke salmon

Homemade smoked salmon If you have ever had smoked salmon from a deli and loved it but the price of this choice meat kept you out of the store, then this is of great interest to you. Here we will be discussing the techniques for smoking fresh salmon fillets using a home B-B-Q grill and a couple... More

How to cook a whole chicken:  best and simplest way ever!

Juicy, tender chicken is in the bag! Roast chicken is great standby when you're having guests for dinner. It requires hardly any effort, you don't have to watch it, and it's always a winner! There are many, many "secrets" to a good roast chicken, one which is succulent yet cooked through. Some... More

How to make seaweed pie

A delicious dessert that belies its name   No way! That is probably the first thing your guests will say when you ask if they would like a piece of seaweed pie for dessert. The name of this dessert comes from the color of the pie and not the ingredients. There is no... More

How to make a grilled portobello sandwich

A grilled portobello sandwich can be as simple as cooking a portobello mushroom 5-6 minutes on a small George Foreman grill, then serving it on a whole wheat bun with cheese, ketchup and mustard. This method works especially well when no outdoor cooking facilities or tools are... More

How to make s’mores

Chocolaty, gooey S’mores have been around at least since the 1920’s when a recipe describing them appeared in a Girl Scout handbook. S’mores are the ideal outdoor dessert, easily prepared over an open campfire, using only three ingredients. None of the ingredients requires... More

How to make pesto

Flavors abound using fresh homemade pesto in any recipe, but the cost is sometimes prohibitive. So why not try making pesto yourself instead of buying the high-priced bottled pesto from the gourmet shop? Whether you serve pesto on a mound of well cooked fresh pasta or smear it on big slices of... More

How to make red velvet cake without eggs

How to make an eggless red velvet cake This method of making the fabulous red velvet cake contains no eggs, and at this time in history with eggs being recalled right and left it's a great time to try this method. A red velvet cake makes a dramatic and stunning entrance whenever it is presented.... More

How to cook a wholesome meal for two in ten minutes

A wholesome ten minute meal A ten minute meal begins days earlier by preparation. Grocery shopping for the right ingredients, cooking and freezing rice, or having other items ready for the microwave or the stir-fry skillet. It also means planning. The speedy chef who may have only arrived from... More

How to make perfect bacon

Cook bacon like they do in restaurants Cooking bacon in the oven is a quick and easy method for cooking this sometimes finicky meat. Oven fried bacon rewards you with sandwich fillings or breakfast sides, and it can be crumbled into scrambled eggs. It offers a multitude of other uses. Bacon is... More

How to boil an egg to retain a soft yolk and firm white

Everyone likes eggs. They make such a super breakfast or snack, and those which are soft in the center with a firm egg white are the best. The secret of making perfect boiled eggs escapes many people, though these are done by adhering to a strict routine. Timing is essential. Temperature of the... More