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How to make brownies

Brownies Wow, brownies who can resist them? With walnuts and chocolate frosting, they become the ultimate brownie to many. There are numerous recipes out there for different types of brownies such as caramel brownies, cream cheese brownies, fudge brownies and many more. The origin of the brownie... More

How to make banana nut bread

Baking Banana Bread (with or without nuts) This recipe is dense, nutty and wonderfully aromatic while baking, filling your home with the good scents that brings the family running. This is the one, the recipe that has been used for generations; an original with roots traced back to the fabulous... More

How to make a rustic blueberry crisp

By any name, the crisp is a favorite dessert The crips has a long history in American cooking with roots dating back to the earliest settlers. These pioneering poeple missed the English steamed puddings, so like all good cooks they worked with what they had on hand. What they had was fruit,... More

How to cut, seed, and peel an avocado

Cutting an avocado is easy with a sharp knife Avocados are a delicious pear-shaped fruit which have recently gained more popularity in the United States mainly due to their health benefits. While they may appear to be difficult to cut, seed, or peel, they are actually quite easy once you have the... More

How to make curried coconut squash soup

The perfect comfort soup on a cold winter day Nothing compliments a cold winter day like a warm bowl of coconut curry squash soup. This variation of squash soup adds an extra touch of warmth to those cold winter days without setting your mouth on fire.. Preparing and cooking winter squash into... More

How to cook and use a fresh pumpkin

Cooking or roasting fresh pumpkins Long before the "Jack-o-Lantern" became popular, pumpkins were a food staple in the United States. Pumpkin is used in our daily menus to create delicious desserts, stews, soups, and the ever popular pumpkin pie. But how do you turn the big, lumpy, orange ball... More

How to cook a pork roast

Delicious and tender pork roast, who could resist? Pork has always been referred to as the other white meat. It is very economical and delicious. Pork is the richest of all meat sources of vitamin B-1, a rich source of niacin, B-12, copper and selenium. Pork is a good source of vitamin B-2,... More

How to make pumpkin spice cookies

"It smells like Halloween in here!" That statement is what your kids will say when these Pumpkin Spice Cookies are in the oven on Halloween night. This is a quick and easy recipe that will become a family tradition once eaten. Use fresh or canned pumpkin in these soft, sweet, spicy, and colorful... More

How to cook a perfect soft-boiled egg

Set whites, runny yolks - just perfect! If you've ever stayed in a hotel where you get to boil eggs yourself for breakfast, you've probably seen a great many uneaten, very runny eggs on the tables around you. This is because most people believe it takes three minutes to soft-boil an egg. Where... More

How to build a tailgate toolbox

Build your own tailgaters grub box Many people love to go gourmet when it comes to a tailgate meal. There is a quick and easy way to be ready to go to the stadium or even to the drive-in movie theater by putting together a tailgaters "Grub-box" or what could be called a tailgaters toolbox. If you... More