How to decorate waffle bowls for special occasions

How to decorate waffle bowls for special occasions


Indulge in a waffle bowl that’s been decorated with melted chocolate and candy sprinkles, fill it with a super ice cream sundae, and you’ll have a dessert fit for any special occasion.

These edible bowls are even more festive and appealing if some of the chocolate and candy sprinkles intended for the sundae are set aside to decorate the bowl itself. It’s a simple process to melt the chocolate, then dip the upper edge of the bowl first in the chocolate and then in your sprinkles of choice.


Step 1

Place an inch or two of water in the pot. Heat to a simmer over the lowest heat. Carefully place melting chocolate in the top of the double boiler or into a bowl that fits over the pot. Stir chocolate occasionally throughout the process. Add more melting chocolate to the bowl as needed.

Step 2

Place candy sprinkles in a bowl large enough to accommodate the inverted waffle bowl.

Dip edge of inverted waffle bowl in melted chocolate. Allow access chocolate to drip back into the melted chocolate for a second or two. Immediately dip chocolate-covered edge in candy sprinkles.

Step 3

Place the waffle bowls, right side up, on a clean surface and allow the chocolate to set, or harden.

Step 4

Stack finished bowls for easier storage, placing a strip of wax paper between bowls. Store the waffle bowls in an airtight container or a plastic bag.

Things Needed
• Waffle bowls
• Sweet chocolate for melting
• Candy sprinkles
• Double boiler or 2-qt. pot and heatproof bowl that fits on top

Tips & Warnings
• Heat water over lowest heat
• Don’t allow water to splash or drip into chocolate
• For variety, try a colored melting chocolate or a white melting chocolate
• Try seasonal candy sprinkles, such as Valentine hearts or Christmas trees
• Substitute crushed cookies or crushed peppermint for the sprinkles
• When working with children, observe safety measures and never leave a child alone


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