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How to cook green beans

Fresh green beans are a summer favorite If you have your own vegetable garden, you know how easy it is to grow green beans. A few plants yield many servings during the summer. If you are a city dweller with no place for a garden, you go to the farmer's market or the super market to buy those... More

How to roast a Chicken

Roasting your chicken Roasting a chicken is one of the most delicious and easiest ways to serve a whole bird. There are several schools of thought on the best method and temperature for roasting but the most important thing is to end up with a moist, succulent bird that is good to the last... More

How to decorate a pumpkin cake

One easy way to decorate a pumpkin cake for Halloween Delight both children and adults with a brightly decorated pumpkin cake for your Halloween party. This recipe is one that you can adapt to everyone's taste because it does not include using or cooking pumpkin. It is the shape of the cake, the... More

How to Host a Wine Tasting Party

wine Wine tasting parties are a great way to introduce friends to great vintages you have found and want to share. They are also a great opportunity for you and your friends to learn more about wines. You can plan them around almost any type of theme with as few or as many different kinds as you... More

How to prepare Italian manicotti

How to make italian manicotti Italian manicotti is wonderful if you love cheese. Similar to lasagna, with more cheese. Its a wonderful dish to fix for company. Add a nice fresh tossed salad and a loaf of Italian bread and you have a complete meal. Maybe some cannoli for desert? You can make this... More

How to make perfect fried chicken

No doubt most American families eat fried chicken just about every week. You probably have a favorite piece that you always eat whenever fried chicken is served. Do you grab the drum-stick, the thigh, or is the the wishbone with its white meat that you want? Nothing is better than a piece of... More

How to make partridgeberry jam

Tips for making tasty partridgeberry jam Partridgeberries are small red berries that grow wild in eastern Canada and the United States. They are easy to pick and can be used in making all kinds of baked dishes, such as breads, muffins and squares. However the most common use for this berry is... More