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How to cook a delicious steak on the stove

How to cook great steak indoors Cooking the perfect steak does not require an expensive top-of-the-line stainless steel monstrosity when we all have a cook top and an oven. The recipes for making a great steak are simple and the results are positively delicious. A simple frying up, some well... More

How to make macaroni and cheese casserole

Comfort Food Nearly everyone loves Macaroni and Cheese casserole. It is filling, it is easy to make and it contains loads of calcium. Macaroni and cheese may not be the lowest calorie meal you ever eat, but homemade macaroni and cheese is simple to make, suitable for a large crowd and children... More

How to cook summer squash

A delight of summertime One of the most delicious of the summer vegetables is summer squash. As the weather turns hot, these little yellow beauties are becoming abundant in the stores and in the farmers markets. In the summer. the squash are smaller, sweeter and much more tender. In other words,... More

How to boil the perfect hard boiled egg

Step 1 Use the size saucepan that will hold your eggs compactly. This will prevent the eggs from bouncing all over the pot when the water is boiling. Step 2 Fill the saucepan with cold water and add the eggs immediately. Do not heat the water in advance. When the water is cold it... More

How to make pumpkin fudge

If the search is on for a new sweet treat or Christmas candy and goodies to give then this quite unique recipe is one to be included in any holiday candy repertoire. Here is a tweaked up version of Pumpkin Fudge; the whole process has been simplified taking the ingredients for... More

How to make meatball appetizers — easy easy easy

Have fun with meatballs Meatball are one of the most perfect foods to use as an appetizer. There are so many easy ways that you can fix them. You can go sweet or you can go savory but either way, they will be ready in just a few minutes. [donate]Instructions Step 1 To keep the appetizers... More

How to decorate a baseball cake

Baseball season -- for Little League and the Major Leagues -- begins around the end of March or beginning of April each year in the United States. Teams and fans alike will rave when they celebrate their wins with an authentic looking baseball cake. It’s easy to make and easy to decorate,... More

How to grill corn on the cob

Roast sweet corn on your home gas grill for a special treat Nothing says summer like fresh grilled sweet corn on the cob. Roasted sweet corn goes well with hot dogs, hamburgers, steak, and it could very well be the entire meal. It's a treat that many look forward to every summer. Forget soaking,... More

How to make carrot cake

Carrot cake Need a new dessert idea for your dinner guests? How about a nice moist carrot cake with cream cheese frosting? Its one way to get those carrots down those who don't like vegetables. Carrots have been used to sweeten cakes since the Medieval period. Carrot cakes became available in... More

How to make an espresso

Get real Italian espresso (even at home) Real Italian espresso is a rarity in big chain outfits, but it is possible to find it in some coffee shops and espresso bars. The key is knowing the elements of espresso. Understanding the basics of espresso will help you know how to evaluate it. More... More