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How to drink wine

A guide to enjoying wine The world of wine is wonderful and vast, especially if you have a passion for all that it can offer. There really are no hard and fast rules to drinking wine since everything depends on personal preference, but having some information about what to look for can make the... More

How to choose a Zinfandel

Zinfandel Wines There are so many bottles of Zinfandel on the shelves at wine merchants everywhere that unless you are familiar with the regions in which the grapes are grown and the many producers of the wine it can be a bit difficult to choose which one you would like to purchase.... More

How to open a wine bottle

Opening wine • Opening a bottle of wine is a simple task for some people while for others it presents a bit of a challenge. If not done properly the cork can break off in the neck of the bottle potentially ruining drinking plans. There are a number of different types of openers one can... More

How to make seven layer dip

A party favorite When was the last time you went to a party and didn't see a variation of the seven layer dip? This dip has been gracing parties for at least the last twenty years. It is simple to make and the ingredients are all easily obtainable and inexpensive. It can be served simply with... More

How to make beer bread

Men enjoy baking beer bread Beer bread is a quick and easy bread to bake. It is a favorite of many men who love to bake bread because its simple to make and delightfully good to eat! A novice baker can do this or even an avid bread baker may want to branch out, have some fun and make beer... More

How to make lemon and lime juice

Make your own juice! Why not have a go making your own lemon and lime juice. It is easy to do and free from artificial flavors, colours and preservatives. It is the perfect summer drink, refreshing and zingy! What better way to get some healthy nutrients in your body like vitamin C. Best served... More

How to roast a whole turkey

How to cook a turkey in the oven The menu is set, the day of celebration is quickly approaching and it's your turn to bake the turkey! Do not fear, using this easy 3 step recipe with these tips and suggestions your turkey will be the best dressed bird ever! The best way to bake or roast any meat... More

How to bake tilapia

An easy recipe for tilapia baked with lemon juice and white wine Tilapia is a versatile freshwater fish that is widely available in the market. As one of the most farmed fish after salmon and carp, it is also one of the cheapest fish available. Tilapia is an excellent source of low sodium... More

How to Make Old Fashioned Rice Pudding

These days you can buy ready made rice pudding that, the maker's claim, is as good as traditional, home made rice pudding. Well tinned, frozen or chilled, store bought, rice pudding is quick to prepare, easy to cook, sometimes cheap and usually convenient but it is no match for the real... More

How to make chicken alfredo pizza

How to make your own white pizza If you have ever eaten a Chicken Alfredo pizza and have begrudgingly paid the high price for one, here is your chance to learn how to make your own. Nothing is better than homemade and this includes Alfredo pizza. You will use your own delicious, quick and easy... More