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How to make a Cape Cod drink

Making a Cape Cod cocktail Drinking a Cape Cod will make you think of the shores of Massachusetts. Cape Cod is a historic area with some of New England's most beautiful beaches. This is one of the simplest cocktails that is perfect for a hot summer day. You drink the cocktail... More

How to make corned beef

You can make your own corned beef Corned beef is a cut of beef, usually brisket, that has been cured in seasoned brine. The corn in corned beef has nothing to do with corn; it is a form of curing. In the days before refrigeration the meat was dry-cured in coarse "corns" of salt, about the size of... More

How to make blueberry cheesecake

An easy recipe for blueberry cheesecake Blueberry cheesecake is the perfect dessert to serve at any time of the year. This recipe is simple because it calls for a can of blueberry pie filling, but you can use fresh blueberries of you wish. Cream cheese, eggs and sugar are the main ingredients... More

How to make a yummy Greek salad

Greek salad Greek salad is delicious and is a wonderful addition to a nice greek meal, especially when served with homemade greek salad dressing. Some people like to add artichokes to the salad, if your an articoke lover. Add some grilled chicken on top of the salad and serve with warm pita... More

How to boil water in the microwave

It's fast and energy efficient!   How many times have you wanted a quick cup of tea or hot chocolate but didn't have the time to boil a kettle of water on the stove? With a microwave oven, the appropriate heating container and proper safety precautions, one can have that... More

How to proof yeast

Proofing yeast ensures your bread will rise Yeast is the leavening agent used in baking, most commonly for breads. A single-celled fungus, the species of yeast used for baking and brewing is the Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Yeast makes the dough rise by converting the sugars in the dough to carbon... More

How to make a puppy face cookie with a heart cookie cutter

Making a puppy face cookie is easy. The puppy face "cookie" shown here is actually a peanut butter dog treat. You can make a puppy face cookie from any type of cookie dough that will hold its shape when baked. Any recipe that can be used for cut-out cookies will... More

How to make an easy turkey casserole

Turkey is both nutritious and delicious and can go a long way to feed your family and friends.You can enjoy your turkey left overs in many different and creative ways. One way is making a turkey casserole. Both nutritional and budget wise this casserole can look like a brand new meal on your... More

How to make a cheesecake crust

How to make the perfect crust for your cheesecake The crust of a cheesecake should match the type of filling you intend to use. Although some recipes call for vanilla wafers, the best crust for a cheesecake calls for graham wafer crumbs. You can buy these crumbs at the supermarket,... More

How to make Mennonite pear platz with a bread maker

A Russian Mennonite specialty hit at any gathering Mennonites who immigrated from Russia have their own unique collection of recipes combining Mennonite cooking skills, and a homesteading lifestyle, with delightful Russian flavor. One favorite brought over from Russia in the 1920s is Pear... More