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How to make an easy turkey casserole

Turkey is both nutritious and delicious and can go a long way to feed your family and friends.You can enjoy your turkey left overs in many different and creative ways. One way is making a turkey casserole. Both nutritional and budget wise this casserole can look like a brand new meal on your... More

How to make a cheesecake crust

How to make the perfect crust for your cheesecake The crust of a cheesecake should match the type of filling you intend to use. Although some recipes call for vanilla wafers, the best crust for a cheesecake calls for graham wafer crumbs. You can buy these crumbs at the supermarket,... More

How to make Mennonite pear platz with a bread maker

A Russian Mennonite specialty hit at any gathering Mennonites who immigrated from Russia have their own unique collection of recipes combining Mennonite cooking skills, and a homesteading lifestyle, with delightful Russian flavor. One favorite brought over from Russia in the 1920s is Pear... More

How to make a chocolate milkshake

Making a thick and frosty chocolate shake There is no drink quite as luscious as a thick chocolate shake. Most people think that they have to go to the ice cream shop or fast food restaurant to get a good chocolate shake. Nothing could be farther from the truth, with just a few ingredients and a... More

How to make a quick spider cake

Creepy and sweet   This creepy little spider cake is simple to make and is fun for parties. There is a lot of frosting and a few extras needed to create the cake. It is sure to be a hit at a Halloween party or perhaps a birthday party for a child who loves bugs. It... More

How to make cheesy mashed potatoes

How to transform plain mashed potatoes Plain mashed potatoes can get a bit boring. Are you looking for a way to spice up your favorite mashed potato or just make it more interesting? You could try adding cheese to your mashed potatoes, it is a perfect way to add some flavor, liven up the recipe,... More

How to make a Pacific sunrise cocktail

Mixing your own cocktails at home can be a lot of fun. Once you've built up a collection of various ingredients, you can start experimenting and create your own. Indeed, many cocktails are just slight variations of those already invented. The Pacific sunrise for instance, is very... More

How to broil steak without it smoking

How to use the broiler without causing smoke in the kitchen Cooking under the intense heat generated from a broiler helps steak retains its full flavor and tenderness. Lets examine an amazing method of broiling a steak that helps achieve a juicy flavorful steak plus leaves your kitchen and home... More

How to make lasagna

Lasagna has got to be one of the most popular and greatest tasting of all pasta dishes! Made with layers of cheesy goodness, mingling in a bed of thick, rich pasta sauce. Yes indeed - - true homemade lasagna is the thing of which many daydreams are made. While baking, this old fashioned, deep... More

How to cook quick grits Southern style

Served at every Southern breakfast year-round Step 4 Cook the grits For national brands of quick grits, it will take 7-15 minutes for the grits to cook. Stir the grits frequently while they are cooking. This will prevent them from sticking to the bottom of the sauce pan. Add water to the grits... More