How to buy and store Yukon Gold potatoes

When standing in the produce aisle of your favorite grocery store or farmers market and with mounds of bright shining freshly dug potatoes staring at you with all those eyes, what is a great potato to eat? Which variety do you choose? And then, where and how do you store them?

Let’s examine the delicious and well known Yukon Gold potatoes and some ways to store them.


Step 1

What to look for in a Yukon Gold.

A good quality Yukon Gold potato will have no bruising or bare spots, and will feel firm to the touch. Look for smooth, thin skinned potatoes with small eyes.

Any potatoes with cuts or soft spots should be culled, a decaying potato will cause mold and decay in the potatoes close-by.

Do not buy potatoes that have begun to sprout — this means it is an old potato and will not be as sweet and waxy as the freshly dug potatoes. Save these potatoes to cut and use for seed potatoes in the spring.

Do not buy potatoes with green skins — this is a sign of poor storage of the potato and is a sign of sun-damage. Green areas on a potato can cause gastric distress in some people.

Step 2

Storing Yukon Gold potatoes

Storing the Yukon Gold potatoes is not difficult, they need to be in cold storage but not refrigerated. These potatoes like a temperature of between 40 — 50oF. They do appreciate humid space, not damp — they do well in dry-storage.

Yukon gold potatoes are naturally high in sugar content and low in starch content, so long term storage is not recommended.

Store these thin skinned potatoes in a well-ventilated area and well out of direct sunlight.

It is recommended by the producers/growers to remove the potatoes from the plastic bags they come in and place them into heavy brown paper bags to prevent moisture build-up inside the plastic. (This is an easy way to inspect the potatoes for bruising and rotten spots.)

Step 3

Keeping/storing mashed Yukon Golds

Place unpeeled potatoes in a deep pot and cover with cold water, at least an inch above the potatoes. Add 1 tbsp. sea salt.

Cover and bring over high heat, when potatoes begin to boil reduce heat to medium low and simmer around 20 minutes or until fork tender.

Drain completely and add 3/4 cup milk and 2 pats of butter. Mash with a potato masher or whip with a mixer until smooth.

At this point the cooked, and cooled mashed golden potatoes can be frozen.

To Freeze mashed Yukon Golds:

Put the cold, mashed potatoes in a sealed container with 1/2 inch head-space and put into your freezer. Frozen hard, these will keep up to one year.

Reheat in the microwave, or remove from freezer container, place the potatoes over low heat in a saucepan with 1 to 2 tablespoons of milk or water, stir continuously to prevent scorching.

Things Needed
• Farmers Market-Selling locally grown Yukon Gold potatoes.
• Large brown paper bag
• Potato-masher or hand mixer
• Water for cooking
• Milk
• Butter
• Dutch-oven or soup/stock pot with lid
• Freezer container with tight fitting lid

Tips & Warnings
• Yukon Gold potatoes are available during the months of August through February.
• Other gold potatoes are available July through April.


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