How to cook coarse ground grits or polenta in a slow cooker

How to cook coarse ground grits or polenta in a slow cooker

The easy way to cook grits is in your crock pot

No doubt about it, coarse ground grits (polenta) are tastier and more flavorful than quick grits. One drawback of coarse ground grits is that they take an hour or more to cook. By using a slow cooker or crock pot it is possible to make coarse grits without standing over them and constantly stirring them.

Grits are staple at most every Southern breakfast. As a side dish, they go well with eggs, bacon, and buttermilk biscuits with gravy. Any leftover grits can be made into grits cakes.


Step 1

Add the grits (polenta)

Set up the slow cooker on a stable kitchen surface and place the measured grits into it.

Step 2

Add water

Add the water and salt to the grits. Thoroughly stir the grits to mix. Place the lid on the slow cooker to prevent moisture loss during cooking.

Step 3

Turn on the slow cooker

Plug in the slow cooker and set it to its highest setting. Check to make sure it is heating up.

Step 4

Set a timer

Set a cooking timer for two hours. Depending upon the slow cooker and the grind of the grits, the total cooking time may be longer or shorter than 2 hours.

Step 5


Stir the grits after one hour to mix water back into the grits mixture. By using a slow cooker you should only have to stir the grits once due to the heating method and lack of moisture loss. Place the lid back onto the slow cooker.

Step 6


Check the grits one hour after stirring them to see if they are creamy and smooth. The grits should hold their shape when scooped up in a spoon and be tender. If not tender, continue to cook the grits and check them again in 15 minutes.

Step 7


Serve the grits as a side or place in a bowl for self-serve. Have butter available for seasoning.

Things Needed
• 1.5 cup coarse ground grits
• 0.5 teaspoon salt
• 4 cups water
• butter
• slow cooker or crock pot
• cooking timer
• 2 — 2.5 hours

Tips & Warnings
• Coarse ground grits can be soaked overnight to speed up the cooking process
• Coarse ground grits have more texture and flavor.
• Coarse ground grits from Southern heirloom varietals are much tastier.
• Serves 4-6 people


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