How to cook sea scallops

How to cook sea scallops

Poaching sea scallops

Sea scallops are one of the sweetest and tastiest shellfish which we can buy. Provided that they are cooked properly, they provide for a wonderful eating experience.

The danger in cooking sea scallops — as with most shellfish — is that we overcook them and essentially waste them in the process. That is why this method of cooking them comes so highly recommended in that it is an easily measurable technique and there is little or no danger of spoiling what are sometimes the very expensive sea scallops.


Step 1

Rinse the sea scallops in running cold water, to remove any grit or impurities which may remain from the shell.

Step 2

Place the sea scallops in to a large pot or pan, spreading them out in an even layer.

Step 3

Pour enough cold milk in to the pot or pan to comfortably cover the sea scallops.

Step 4

Put the pot or pan on to the stove over a medium heat and cook only until the milk begins to simmer around the edges. This will take but a few minutes, depending upon the number of sea scallops and amount of milk in the pan.

Step 5

As soon as the milk begins to simmer, the sea scallops are cooked. They should be removed from the poaching liquer and served immediately.

You will Need
• A large pot or pan
• Sea scallops (shelled and washed)
• Enough milk to cover the scallops in the pan

Tips & Warnings
• Do not remove the attached, orange coral when poaching sea scallops — it is delicious!
• Do not attempt to cook too many sea scallops in the pan at the one time. One layer only is best.
• Serve the sea scallops simply, ideally with no sauce. It is important not to overpower their very delicate taste.


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