How to decorate a red, white, and blue flag cake

Nothing says summer (here in America) more than a tribute to «Old Glory» using a flag cake. You will be center stage when you show up at any patriotic celebration with this glorious red, white, and blue creation.

Let your delicious pre-baked cake be the palate upon which you lavish creamy white buttercream icing, bright red strawberries, an ocean of blueberry, and mountains of white coconut for a grand flag cake.


Step 1

Place and ice the cake

You have baked a 13 X 9 inch cake and have removed it to a cake-board and it has been allowed to cool, now it is time to lavish this cake with the white buttercream icing you made.

Ice the sides of the cake first and smooth the edges.

Frost the cake top using around one-third of the icing. Make it as smooth as you can get it. The cake top will need to be level, to prevent your fruit toppings from sliding right off the top.

Using a toothpick, draw your flag pattern on the cake top. Making marks for 4 red and 4 white stripes and a square place in the left hand corner to make the blue background, unto which you will place 13 stars.

Step 2

Slice and place the strawberries

Slice the strawberries in thin slices and place in a bowl. Sprinkle 2 tbsp. sugar over the slices and toss very gently to coat all slices.

Starting at the top of the cake, place the strawberry slices on the cake top laying flat, overlapping each one to complete one or two rows. Do every other stripe red.

Continue this until all red stripes are complete.

Step 3

Put coconut on the cake

Using your fingers, grab small handfuls of the shredded or ground coconut and spread it in between each strawberry «stripe» creating the the white stripes of your flag cake.

Gently press the coconut into the icing to make sure it stays where you want it.

Step 4

Make the blue background

Open the can of blueberry pie filling and pour it into a bowl for easy access.

Try to use only the pudding part of the filling, this will make a smooth blue background from which to build the stars into the flag.

Spoon as much of the blue pie filling into the left hand corner where you have marked for this purpose.

Smooth the blueberry filling out as flat as possible.

Fill a small pastry bag with white icing. Using a size 12 star tip create a shell border around the blueberry filling.

Step 5

Position the 13 stars

It is now time to put the stars on the cake.

Mark out the positionof the 13 stars — you will have three rows of 4 stars and one row of 5 stars to equal the thirteen stars.

If you are piping the stars onto the cake, assemble the pastry bag with its cooupler inside and fill with white icing. Position the #16 or larger tip onto the bag and begin making stars directly onto the blueberry topping.

Place the end of the tip directly into the blueberry topping and pull up as you squeeze the icing out. Stop squeezing before you pull the tip away from the star.

If you are using the premade stars simply position them on top of the bleuberry topping and gently push each one down so it sticks in place. (So much of a time saver.)

Step 6

Finish with a border

The final step on this cake is to pipe a border all around the bottom of the cake to seal it and to create a finished professional look to your flag cake.

Using the same large bag and coupler set up, fill the bag again with icing and begin piping the same border you used around the stars. (Shell border.)

Start at the back of the cake and pipe the connected border all around the cake, finishing again at the back of the cake.

You are now finished with your masterpiece!

Things Needed
• 1-13 X 9 inch baked white cake — Leveled and placed top side down on a foil covered cake board.
• 6 cups white buttercream cake icing, make two recipes/batches.
• 2 lbs. fresh strawberries, 2 pints
• 1 can blueberry pie filling
• 1-Large pastry bag
• Large decorating bag coupler, for the large bag
• One #16 — 20 size Star tip — For piping 13
• stars out of icing and the border aroudn the cake. (The larger the number the bigger the star.)
• Or
• Buy a box of preformed royal icing stars size 18. Available from your local cake decorating supply-store.
• 1-Small pastry bag & coupler
• 1-size 12 star tip for making a border around the stars.
• Cake icing spatula

Tips & Warnings
• Option: Cut the leaves off of each strawberry and place cut side down on the cake.
• The thin slices of strawberries will lay flat and look better.
• Canned icing may be used instead of homemade — add 2/3 cup powdered sugar to each can to make the right consistancy.
• Fresh blueberries may be used inplace of the pie filling — Postion stars snuggled into the bleuberries, in rows.


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