How to make a yogurt smoothie

Delicious and healthy smoothies

Smoothies are a fantastic way of combining healthy fruit and yogurt to make a delicious drink which is almost a meal in itself. But rather than spending money on a shop bought version, making your own smoothie at home takes only a matter of minutes.

With complete control over the ingredients, it’s up to you what you include. Try experimenting with different combinations of fruit and yogurt and be as adventurous as you dare. And making your own smoothies means you’ve no need to worry about preservatives or additives. They’re as healthy as you make them. Furthermore, they’re a great way of introducing a wide range of fruit into your children’s diet, especially useful if they’re reluctant to eat fresh fruit on its own.


Step 1

Choose your fruit.

Before you begin making your delicious yogurt smoothie, you need to decide what else you want to include. The options are endless, but for maximum health benefits, selecting a variety of fresh or frozen fruit works best.

Step 3

Adding the ingredients.

Put all your ingredients into your blender. This includes all the chopped fruit and your yogurt. If you want your smoothie very thick and cold, add about half a cup of crushed ice. However, if you’re using frozen fruit, you won’t need the ice. You can now top up your smoothie by adding either half a glass of fruit juice, apple works well with most fruit or a glass of milk.

Step 4

Blend it together.

Turn your blender on full power for around 30 seconds. Turn it off and have a taste to see if it’s sweet enough for your liking. If you’ve used natural unsweetened yogurt, you may want to sweeten it slightly as yogurt is quite sour. Blend it again so your sweetener is distributed evenly throughout your smoothie.

Step 5

Pour it out.

Pour your smoothie into a tall glass and add a straw. Your smoothie should be thick enough that the straw will stand up on its own. Enjoy your drink.

Things Needed
• Ingredients for one person:
• 1 cup of fresh or frozen fruit
• 2-4 oz natural yogurt
• Crushed ice (optional)
• A glass of milk (optional)
• Half a glass of fruit juice (optional)
• Honey, sweetener or sugar to taste
• A blender or smoothie maker

Tips & Warnings
• Try experimenting with different combinations of fruit, yogurt and even vegetables.
• Try adding oats for extra fiber to make a great breakfast smoothie.
• Make sure the fruit you use is as cold as possible before adding to your smoothie.
• Try partially freezing your yogurt for extra thickness.
• Use fat free Greek yogurt to keep the calories down.


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