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How to make white chocolate covered pretzels

A sweet and salty, easy-to-make treat! White chocolate covered pretzels are the perfect marriage between sweet and salty. A tasty treat, these pretzels are quick and easy to make and only call for two ingredients. A batch of white chocolate pretzels can be dressed up for the holidays by... More

How to broil steak without having it smoke

How to use the broiler without causing smoke in the kitchen Cooking under the intense heat generated from a broiler helps steak retains its full flavor and tenderness. Lets examine an amazing method of broiling a steak that helps achieve a juicy flavorful steak plus leaves your kitchen and home... More

How to make New England Clam Chowder

New England Clam Chowder New England Clam Chowder is a classic soup that is sure to please the entire family. It is a wonderful cream based chowder that is very easy to make. The first written recipe for New England clam chowder did not appear untl the 1800's. Although... More

How to cook a ham

How to bake the perfect ham Cooking a ham requires that you first boil it in a large pot of water. This process takes about four hours in order to make sure that the ham is cooked all the way through. When you can insert a fork through the meat, you can then remove it from the stove. Although you... More

How to roast fresh beets

Roasting fresh beets In this How-To-Guide we consider the humble root vegetable, the Beet. Beets are usually dark red or purple in color but do also have varieties that are orange, deep golden, or even white. Beets are a wonderful source of fiber, potassium, vitamin C, folate, iron, manganese,... More

How to make a healthy vegetarian broth

Winter warmers: Recipe for vegetarian broth Autumn and winter are the perfect seasons for healthy vegetarian soups and broths. This recipe uses a mixture of beans and pulses with in-season root vegetables to make a cheap and quick nutritious meal. It is low in fat, high in protein and full of... More

How to make the tastiest fruity golden syrup dumplings

Try these and they're sure to become a favorite in your household too! A long time favored dessert recipe, and a great standby, especially during the coldest months of the year. These Golden Syrup dumplings served hot, with a little vanilla ice-cream and/or custard, can't be beaten. The sauce... More

How to make chicken fried steak

Old west style chicken fried steak Chicken fried steaks could be considered a food staple since they are on almost every cafe, restaurant, and diner menu throughout the USA. The homemade chicken fried steak holds a dominate place on many a family dinner table too! Chicken fried steaks are made... More

How to make a homemade biscuit

Homemade biscuits Homemade biscuits are delicious whether they are plain with butter, honey or jam. How about chicken and biscuits, you can even use them for strawberry or peach shortcake. Another idea might be using them for a delicious breakfast sandwich or sausage gravy and... More

How to grill a steak

Fire up the barbie One of the joys of summer is being able to grill your food. One of the favorite foods to cook on the grill is steak. There is an art to grilling the perfect steak and it all begins with choosing the perfect cut of steak. Whether you prefer gas or charcoal,... More