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How to make fried apple pies

Fried apple pies Sweet & Tender Fried Apple Pies~ To make the best fried apple pies imaginable all it takes is a little knowledge, some good apples, sugar, spices, and the correct dough for frying. Not all pie dough's are "created equal" so what follows is an All-American favorite recipe and... More

How to make Amish friendship bread

Making Amish friendship bread Amish Friendship Bread is a tradition that many women have enjoyed over the years which enables them to share their enjoyment for baking. This sweet bread has traditionally been known as a chain letter like process passed between friends. Although some instruction... More

How to make caramel and banana French toast

Breakfast the whole family will enjoy Step 1 Liquid banana Add one banana into the blender. Turn blender on to mix until the banana is turned into liquid. Pour the liquid banana into a large mixing bowl. Use a rubber spatula to get all of the banana liquid into the mixing bowl. Step... More

How to Bake a Juicy Turkey

Basics of How-To The juicy turkey is not a difficult task to accomplish once you know how to do it. A juicy turkey is achieved when moisture is retained in the turkey. It is also achieved by the process of tenderizing. Brining and other processes serve to tenderize the turkey. By covering a roast... More

How to cook garbanzo beans

Achieve perfectly cooked garbanzo beans Normal 0 0 1 89 512 4 1 628 11.1287 0 0 0 Garbanzo beans or chickpeas are the edible pea-like seeds harvested from the pods of the short bushy garbanzo bean plant. While garbanzo beans are commonly beige in color - black, green, red, and brown varieties... More

How to make sourdough starter from scratch

Sourdough starter Sourdough starter is simply a bit of the dough from a previous recipe that is "kept back" in a small container or lidded crock; this dough collects the natural wild yeast present in the air and thus ferments with the passing of time. These natural yeasts produce bubbly, pungent... More

How to cook fresh pumpkin for pumpkin recipes

Cooking a pumpkin is not much more difficult than cooking any other vegetable. There are two ways to do it. You may either cook it whole or cut it up in pieces to cook it. The choice would probably depend on the size of the pumpkin and whether you have an oven available or are using the stovetop... More

How to make easy chicken pot pie

Almost everyone loves warm, meaty, chicken pot pie. From the delicious, creamy broth to the crispy crust, it is always a winning dinner. Unfortunately, no one likes all the work put into making one, so they are left with buying frozen ones. This recipe is very easy, and if you are watching your... More

How to cook the best spaghetti sauce ever

Pasta sauce to die for You don't have to be a gourmet chef to create the best spaghetti sauce ever. To create a great sauce you need to use the best ingredients. Don't go for the bargain brands; buy the best you can afford. A great spaghetti is a work of art and it takes time to... More

How to Make a Scrambled Egg Sandwich

It's quick, and so easy. A scrambled egg sandwich is a quick and easy meal for any time of day. It is near effortless to make and creates little mess, leaving clean-up time at a minimum. The few ingredients necessary to make the basic sandwich are things that one will normally have on hand, so... More