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How to cook fresh pumpkin for pumpkin recipes

Cooking a pumpkin is not much more difficult than cooking any other vegetable. There are two ways to do it. You may either cook it whole or cut it up in pieces to cook it. The choice would probably depend on the size of the pumpkin and whether you have an oven available or are using the stovetop... More

How to make easy chicken pot pie

Almost everyone loves warm, meaty, chicken pot pie. From the delicious, creamy broth to the crispy crust, it is always a winning dinner. Unfortunately, no one likes all the work put into making one, so they are left with buying frozen ones. This recipe is very easy, and if you are watching your... More

How to cook the best spaghetti sauce ever

Pasta sauce to die for You don't have to be a gourmet chef to create the best spaghetti sauce ever. To create a great sauce you need to use the best ingredients. Don't go for the bargain brands; buy the best you can afford. A great spaghetti is a work of art and it takes time to... More

How to Make a Scrambled Egg Sandwich

It's quick, and so easy. A scrambled egg sandwich is a quick and easy meal for any time of day. It is near effortless to make and creates little mess, leaving clean-up time at a minimum. The few ingredients necessary to make the basic sandwich are things that one will normally have on hand, so... More

How to use up leftover chili

Don't throw away your left over chili! There are plenty of ways to use your leftovers. Typically people make a large batch of chili and aren't sure what to do with the leftovers. Most people actually cool it down incorrectly before storing. Even still, they tend to warm it up incorrectly as... More

How to make homemade doughnuts

Make your own donuts Making homemade donuts is much easier than most people might imagine. It doesn't require any special equipment and most of the ingredients are things that everyone already has in the pantry. Impress your family and friends and make a snack that is natural and tasty. They are... More

How to make strawberry preserves

Strawberry preserves are one of the finest things a home cook can produce. What could be better than rows of bright red, sparkling jars filled with the delicious berries of summer? Nothing much! Not to be confused with their close cousin "jam" made from crushed and pureed strawberries, strawberry... More

How to make turkey gravy from scratch

Turkey: Thanksgiving or anytime While traditionally many people may only serve turkey during the Thanksgiving season, this healthful meat can be a great addition to a diet. Once a turkey is cooked, there are generally several ounces of pan drippings that can be turned into a delicious... More

How to make crock-pot split pea soup

Quick, nourishing and hearty Winter and fall weather often mean we are searching for more cost effective meals that are nourishing as well as hearty. Split pea soup is one option when you are searching for an easy meal for your family. Split pea soup can be served by itself with salad or may be... More

How to make bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits

You know the sandwich; it's fresh, soft, salty and so comforting in the morning. But if you buy a Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit Sandwich everyday -- it means big bucks out of your check! So, make them at home, saving your hard earned money, and all the time spent sitting in the drive-thru... More