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How to cook pasta

Al dente pasta everytime While pasta is most often associated with Italian cooking in the United States, it is a staple of many different cuisines. Its history can be traced to ancient Chinese, Greek, Roman, Arab, and Jewish culture. As a food that could travel well, it soon found its way across... More

How to make broccoli cheese soup

A hearty, healthy recipe A bowl of soup on a cold winter evening hits the spot. Soup is easy to prepare, yet filling. A favorite of many is broccoli-cheese soup. It is nutritious, giving you protein, vegetables, milk and a little fat all in one bowl. If you gather all your ingredients together... More

How to make cilantro lime rice

Do you love the rice at Chipotle restaurants? The key seasonings in Chipotle's famous rice are fresh cilantro and fresh lime juice. This recipe is for seasoned white rice that tastes very similar to what you would get at Chipotle. Serve it as a side dish with your favorite Mexican dishes or use... More

How to make delicious crockpot chili

Hearty meals for fall and winter Fall and winter means that you are interested in simple, hearty, simple meals to serve your family. Stews, chowders and chili all fit the bill. All of these take time to prepare, but with a bit of planning, you can make a hearty chili that will be ready when your... More

How to make biltong in a dehydrator

A typically South African snack, made at home in just a day! South Africans living far from their homeland may find biltong hard to get - or simply very expensive when you can get it. Or you may simply want to make your own biltong so you can control what goes into it. Biltong-makers can be... More

How to make waffles

How to make waffles Who doesn't love waffles? There are so many toppings to serve that you could even use them for dessert. Blueberry syrup, blackberry syrup, maple syrup, honey or numerous other syrups can be used as delicious alternatives. Serve with fresh fruits on top with fresh whipped... More

How to make pumpkin stew inside a fresh pumpkin

Pumpkin stew for everyone A big part of enjoying a great meal is presentation. Food can taste great, but if the presentation is not good, no one will ever taste it. This pumpkin stew, made inside a pumpkin shell, certainly fits the bill. Not only does it taste good, but the... More

How to make barbecue sauce

Making your own barbecue sauce will not only save money, it will allow you to be in total control of what goes into your mouth. Many packaged, bottled, and processed foods contain a lot of hidden sugar, salt, and preservatives. The barbecue sauce you use may be one of those items and you and... More

How to make homemade beef gravy with drippings

Delicious and easy gravy Many people are intimidated by the thought of making homemade gravy. That's why they sell gravy in a jar. It really is quite easy to make a delicious homemade beef gravy with the drippings from your roast beef. You don't need to be a gourmet chef and you don't need any... More

How to make hash browns

Make hash browns from scratch and make them low-fat Make hash browns from scratch using par boiled potatoes and a food processor. Hash browns are a great addition to breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can make these shredded potatoes from scratch ahead of time, keeping them in the freezer until... More