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How to make a yogurt smoothie

Delicious and healthy smoothies Smoothies are a fantastic way of combining healthy fruit and yogurt to make a delicious drink which is almost a meal in itself. But rather than spending money on a shop bought version, making your own smoothie at home takes only a matter of minutes. With complete... More

How to cook coarse ground grits or polenta in a slow cooker

The easy way to cook grits is in your crock pot No doubt about it, coarse ground grits (polenta) are tastier and more flavorful than quick grits. One drawback of coarse ground grits is that they take an hour or more to cook. By using a slow cooker or crock pot it is possible to make coarse grits... More

How to make a basic cheesecake

A cheesecake recipe that you will love to make There is nothing like savoring the soft sweet taste of cheesecake. Most people have the idea that cheesecake is a very difficult dessert to make, but nothing could be farther from the truth. You do have two options when you want to make this kind of... More

How to make homemade mayonnaise

Making mayo at home is cheap, fast, and easy It is sometimes surprising how many people are willing to buy mayonnaise at sometimes high prices, when it is so easy to make. Better still, homemade mayonnaise is healthier because you can control the ingredients, and it is often quite a bit less... More

How to buy a ripe cantaloupe

How to choose a ripe cantaloupe Nothing says summer like a big hunk of juicy, cool cantaloupe, but do you ever stand staring at that huge pile of melons in the center isle of the store and feel overwhelmed? No one wants to eat or serve an under-ripe, dry, hard cantaloupe. Which one is ripe? Here... More

How to make homemade chicken soup

Chicken Soup - The Ultimate Comfort Food Many of us have had chicken soup when we were sick. In fact, chances are that a parent or grandparent provided us with chicken soup when we were suffering from any range of maladies including colds, flu or even an upset stomach. For many, chicken soup has... More

How to make strawberry roll-up crescents

How to make strawberry roll-up crescents Are you looking for a delicious, inexpensive and easy to make snack for your whole family? Then this is a perfect recipe for you. This is so easy that this is a perfect recipe for children as well. These tasty treats are less than 180 calories each! They... More

How to make a green salad with nasturtiums

The beautiful and delicious nasturtium Nasturtiums are widely grown plants, because they are easy to grow and have beautiful flowers. Many people don't realize that they are very edible and quite good tasting, however. Added to a green salad, nasturtiums give a flavorful and slightly peppery... More

How to cook a pork tenderloin in the oven

A Detailed Look at How to Cook a Pork Tenderloin in the Oven   How to cook a pork tenderloin in the oven does present a very real danger that by cooking it in this fashion, we will cause the pork tenderloin to be dry and/or tough when it is served. Pork tenderloin is most often... More

How to make pumpkin ice cream

Home made ice cream is an excellent family treat. Pumpkins are plentiful in the fall and it seems like a great time to make some pumpkin ice cream. It is a fun desert for a Halloween party or an excellent choice for Thanksgiving. Ice cream can be made in a freezer or the family can work together... More