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How to make healthy lunches for your children

Lunch can be fun and nutritious Mom's and dad's spend time putting together lunches for their children to take to school and often find themselves wondering if their child is eating their lunch or "trading" away what they pack. Kids love to open up their lunch bags and find great food that... More

How to make chicken ala king

How to make chicken ala king Chicken ala king is great over rice or on toast. It's an old classic that has been around for some time. It is actually an easy and elegant dish to make and is an excellent way to use up that left-over chicken. It takes 15 minutes to cook, and with those busy work... More

How to make pumpkin soup

Pumpkin soup is a family favorite. The good news is that no one has to wait until fall to make this great soup. While fresh pumpkin is good in the fall, canned pumpkin works as well. So this is a hearty soup that can be enjoy all year long. In the summer pumpkin soup can be served cold with a... More

How to make a chocolate zucchini cake

Bake a chocolate zucchini bundt cake Late summer is when garden fresh zucchini is abundant. It's the perfect time to try this cocolate zucchini bundt cake. It bakes up tall and tempting and is bursting with chocolatey goodness. Here is a chance to use that long-lost bundt pan and create a moist,... More

How to make homemade vanilla ice cream

Make fond summer memories at every family gathering Making homemade ice cream with a crank ice cream freezer brings back lasting memories of childhood for many adults. Bring one out and adults will recount tales of taking their turn cranking until their arms were worn out. Children spotting a... More

How to make homemade beef vegetable soup

Simple to Make - Filling and Perfect for Winter Beef vegetable soup can be simple to make, quick and is very filling. It is the perfect way to warm up after shoveling snow, walking in the woods and makes a great afternoon snack. Whether you are looking for something hearty to serve for dinner or... More

How to make great split pea soup

Tips for making great yellow split pea soup Split pea soup is a very popular dish all over North America. The early settlers brought the recipe with them from their homelands in England and Ireland. Over the centuries, very little has changed in the preparation of this soup, which... More

How to make mushroom pate

Tasty vegetarian pate Vegetarian pate makes a tasty alternative to the meat variety. This mushroom pate is piquant and flavourful and makes a delicious accompaniment to home made bread. The recipe is really easy to make and takes less than half an hour. It's low fat too, so there's no worry about... More

How to make onion rings

How to make delicious deep-fried onion rings. The crunchy taste of onion rings makes a delicious appetizer to serve to guests while they are waiting for the main meal. They go great with burgers, chicken and chips and other fast food favorites. Even at a party, everyone digs into these... More

How to make home fries

Tastes like home Not many things can remind you so much of home and of a simpler time than home fries. They bring back memories of family breakfasts when not as many people seemed overly concerned with what they ate regularly and everyone ate the same thing. They also bring back memories of... More