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How to make drawer organizers using empty cereal and food boxes

Making your own drawer organizers is very easy to do using empty food boxes that originally packaged cereal, crackers, and cookies. In this tutorial you will learn how to be resourceful in using recycled materials such as the empty boxes combined with wall paper scraps. The wall paper makes the... More

How to copy Xbox 360 games to a hard drive

Anyone with an Xbox 360 will be familiar with the dreaded Red Ring of Death which has plagued the hardware since day one. Although there is no full proof way to stop this error from happening, you can decrease the risk by installing games to your Hard Drive. This lowers stress on the disc... More

How to make a Fourth of July window greeting card using rub-ons

Fourth of July is a holiday that Americans look forward to celebrating. Many parties and smaller get-togethers require a little bit of preplanning. This 4TH of July card is perfect for the occasion. The colors alone are very festive. What makes this card exciting is the clear window front that... More

How to join yarn and change colors in knitting

Using different colored yarn to produce a pattern As knitters become more proficient in their craft they try more complex patterns which may involve using yarns of different colors. It is important to know how to join the different yarns properly. Some different types of knitting that use more... More

How to make a paper-cutting

The art of paper-cutting (or scherenschnitte), is a fascinating and rewarding paper-craft, most often recognized as a bold black cut-out, set against a white background. Sometimes they can also be the negative image, in its white form, set against a black background. Both look right, so it's a... More

How to Choose Weapons for Your World of Warcraft Warrior

Choosing weapons for your Warrior in World of Warcraft The first thing to take into account is the level of your warrior and the specialisation or spec you have chosen for your talents as each talent tree favours a different weapon or combination of weapons. The Arms talent tree strongly favours... More

How to Make a Fleece Scarf

Create an easy fleece scarf Fleece is warm and colorful and it keeps out the cold. That makes it perfect for winter weather gear. Even if you flubbed 6th grade sewing class, and would prefer not to sew at all, you can create a no sew fleece scarf. The good thing about that is you can leave your... More

How to install the Wii homebrew channel

The Wii homebrew channel enables you to take full advantage of your precious Wii. Enthusiastic hackers such as the Team Twiizers have found a way to bypass the official Wii keys and install software allowing users to integrate media players and console emulators to their Wiis. Doing so, users can... More

How to dress like a zombie for Halloween

Getting inside the mind of a zombie It's not easy being one of the undead. You walk funny. You lose your ability to speak. You wander the earth at night seeking the human flesh you crave. Your only desires revolve around these strange habits, so living beings run away in fear when you come... More

How to make a dried corn garland

Celebrate the season Dried corn garland can take one from Halloween all the way to Thanksgiving. It can be used indoors or outdoors. It is one of those back to nature crafts that celebrates the harvest. If used outdoors the birds and squirrels may shorten the life time of the garland, so make a... More