How to cast off in knitting

Easy ways to cast off stitches for knitting projects

Casting off the stitches left on the needle is one of the final parts of finishing a part of your knitting project. Depending on the type of project you are working on you may have to cast off stitches many times. A blanket that is knit in one piece will require this action only once, but knitting a sweater means that you have to cast off the stitches on each sleeve, the back and front and the neck before you start assembling the pieces for the final product.

It is essential that you cast off the stitches on the needle so that the knitting remains intact. Without casting off you leave yourself open to stitches raveling out or having to graft the pieces together as you assemble them.


Step 1

How to start casting off stitches

Transfer the needle containing the stitches to the hand you use to hold the knitting. Take the other needle and knit the first two stitches as you would normally do.

Step 2

Slip knit stitches over one another

When you have the first two stitches knit, insert the needle holding the remainder of the stitches in the first stitch on the other needle. Bring the loop of the stitch over the second stitch so that you only have one stitch left on the needle that you are knitting with.

Step 3

Continue slipping stitches

Work across the row knitting the stitches and slipping the first one over the second.

Step 4

Bind off at the end

When you reach the end of the row, you will have one stitch left on the needle. Cut your yarn and bring the end of the yarn through this stitch. This finishes this part of the project.

Knitting Tips : How to Cast Off in Knitting

To cast off in knitting, also known as binding off, it requires a bit more yarn than a regular knitted row, as each stitch is pulled over the next and off the end of the needle. Pull the tail of the yarn through the last stitch and tighten before weaving in the ends with a demonstration from an advanced knitter in this free video on knitting. Expert: Allison Isaacs Contact: Bio: Allison Isaacs learned to knit and needlepoint at an early age. Filmmaker: Sam Lee


Things Needed
• Knitting needles
• Knitting project that has reached the desired length or number of stitches
• Scissors

Tips & Warnings
• You can knit across the entire row even though there is a pattern in the knitting.
• If you want to make sure you keep the pattern, you can knit and purl the stitches across the needle according to the pattern and still use the same procedure of slipping one stitch over the other.


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