How to cut out a paper snowflake

How to cut out a paper snowflake

Many young children the world over have experienced the magic happening when cutting out a paper snowflake.

By folding a piece of paper several times, and then cutting tiny sections away, a decorative and sometimes very intricate, snowflake design evolves.

Share their delight by making paper snowflakes too.


Step 1

Starting with:

Start with a square of origami or copy paper; fold in half, leaving a rectangular shape.

Step 2

First fold:

From the fold, turn the left-hand corner towards top right, keeping inside the outer edge about quarter way. (see diagram with paper snowflake pattern)

Step 3

Second Fold:

Turn bottom right-hand edge to meet with the folded edge at left, resulting now in two folded «points», one higher than the other.

Step 4

Cutting a straight edge

Cut these overhanging «points» in a straight line from the lowest edge across to the other side, to form a somewhat bulky triangular shape.

Step 5

Time to cut out your design

Any how you like it, snip shapes into each side of the triangle.

Do leave parts of the big fold intact, else your snowflake design can fall apart when opened up because of too little «spine».

Step 6

Ways you can use your paper snowflakes:

Decorate hand-made cards for family and friends.

Laminate and trim. Punch a hole to thread through. Hang at a window to enjoy from both sides, or hang on your Christmas tree.

Use as a home decorator item, hanging anywhere you can enjoy them, especially over the festive season.

Paper snowflake pattern:

Visit Joy Siskorski’s page with detailed pattern diagram to assist you with this guide.

More paper snowflakes

Original Kids Crafts: Includes wonderful paper snowflakes.

Papercutters website

Papercutters directory of silhouette and papercutting artists around the world

You will Need
• White copy paper, or origami paper
• Fine scissors


• Don’t overcut the folded edge, else your snowflake can fall apart.


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