How to dress like a zombie for Halloween

How to dress like a zombie for Halloween

Getting inside the mind of a zombie

It’s not easy being one of the undead. You walk funny. You lose your ability to speak. You wander the earth at night seeking the human flesh you crave.

Your only desires revolve around these strange habits, so living beings run away in fear when you come near, and your circle of friends is very limited.

Of course you don’t have to be a real live — or should we say real undead — zombie. You can be a zombie for Halloween, but you must get inside the mind of a zombie to do it right. Here’s how.


Step 1

Decide your zombie outfit

As a zombie you will walk the earth wearing the same dress, the same pants, the same shirt forever. What will that outfit be? Will you be the eternal zombie prom queen for Halloween? A long gone sports hero? An undead opera diva?

You don’t need to spend a lot of cash for your ultimate forever outfit. Dig through your closet. Make a trip to the second hand store. Buy an old formal gown, a baseball jersey, a tiara. You’ll know your perfect zombie outfit when you see it..

Step 2

Zombie-ize your face with makeup

The Zombie existence is truly one of equal opportunity. No young or old, no Black, White, Asian or Latino… you are simply undead.

There is no zombie facial color to speak of either, other than zombie gray or zombie white…. with wide swaths of red (for blood) of course.

You can find those colors in a basic Halloween makeup kit. Apply liberally to zombie-ize your face.

Step 3

Arrange your perfect zombie hair

Guys leave your hair as is. Ladies upsweep your hair and pin it into place or let it dangle loose and wild depending on your zombie style.

Once you have the right hair look, layer on a bit of brown make up, or perhaps some real dirt and leaves (Zombies rise up out of the ground you know.) For a true zombie look add blood as well. Not real blood, the fake stuff is so much easier to come by.

Step 4

Develop zombie behaviors

Remember you are the undead, which means you were dead at least for a while. As a zombie you are deteriorating flesh and crumbling bone. Your brain is addled. Your legs are weak and your arms don’t work quite right; so walk funny. Limp. Drag one leg behind you. Fall down.

Zombies are basically antisocial beings with addled bodies and shrinking brains, so act like it. Chase cars, bang on windows and growl at both animals and humans. Zombie behaviors will make your Halloween zombie act seem real.

Step 5

Zombie Accessories

Zombie brides carry dead flowers. Zombie baseball players carry a bloody bat. For the perfect zombie look don’t forget to accessorize.

Step 6

Communicate with zombie-speak

As a zombie your vocal chords are moldy, putrid flesh. How could you possibly talk?

Zombies communicate with grunts and groans. They growl when they want to emphasize a particularly important point. Zombie-speak is really easy.

Zombie stuff you need

• A Halloween make up kit. Halloween costume stores have several brands with the zombie colors you need for $5 or under.
• A perfect-for-you zombie outfit. Select it from your closet or a second hand store.
• Accessories to go with your outfit (dirty hats, a bloody tiara, dead flowers or bloody sports equipment)
• Scissors to help shred your outfit in all the right places

A few tips for the first time zombie

• To look your zombie best, get someone to help you apply your makeup.
• Wear comfortable shoes, zombies walk a lot.
• Zombies do a lot of after dark wandering in forests and other dimly lit places. Take a flashlight to light the way.
• Some people really believe in the undead. It’s okay to scare them but don’t make them cry.


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