How to find discount craft supplies

Spend less, craft more

With so many great craft projects to be made and new ideas arising all the time, the cost of supplies can add up quickly. Knowing how to save money on card stock, fabric, beads, and everything else means more crafting possibilities.


Step 1

Where to look for discount supplies

Lots of places sell items that could be used for crafting besides Michael’s, Walmart, Hancock, and the other big-box retailers. Drug and grocery stores and places that sell office and school suplies generally have at least a few basic items from paint and paper to stickers that can be used in crafting, and these items are often marked down during sales or even put on clearance.

Step 2

New or used?

While the dollar store is a great place for everything from markers, colored pencils and rubber bands to stickers and patterned paper, thrift stores and garage sales offer opportunities at finding a wide variety of items from craft supplies never used to old jewelry, frames, clothing and other things that can be upcycled to create new craft projects.

Step 3

Sales and coupons

The supermarket isn’t the only place you can save big by using coupons. Michael’s, Joann, Hobby Lobby are just a few of the major craft supply retailers that regularly offer a coupon in addition to special sales to entice you to come in and shop. It’s usually something like 40% off of one item, though on occasion the discount will be applicable to your entire purchase. These coupons can provide significant savings when you’re building up your stash or getting items you need for your next project.

Step 4

Friends and family

Avid crafters and wannabe hobbyists are practically hoarders when it comes to acquiring craft supplies. Check with family and friends to see who’s willing and organize swaps of excess supplies. Also let everyone know to check with you before discarding anything.

Things Needed
• Time
• Patience
• Interest in saving
• Imagination

Tips & Warnings
• Check with friends and family for discards
• Visit garage sales and thrift stores
• Check the clearance aisle at Office Depot, et al,
• Sign up for store emails
• Use coupons


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