How to make a dried corn garland

Celebrate the season

Dried corn garland can take one from Halloween all the way to Thanksgiving. It can be used indoors or outdoors. It is one of those back to nature crafts that celebrates the harvest.

If used outdoors the birds and squirrels may shorten the life time of the garland, so make a few and share with the wild ones. It is all part of being green.


Step 1

Either purchase dried corn or use this method to dry the corn.

Pull back the husks and remove the silk. Tie the husk in an upward position.

Dip the corn into boiling water for one minute. Hold it with tongs.

Dry in the oven a 250 degrees for 4 hours. Air dry an additional two days.

Step 2

For the part of the garland that is horizontal, use craft wire. The tip of each cob of corn is attached to the husk of the next cob. This gives the cobs a slight overlap. They remain in a true horizontal design.

Step 3

The cobs that will hang vertically are spaced six inches apart. Use hemp cord and tie the husks of each corn cob. This will allow the cobs to drop down and hang in a vertical fashion.

Step 4

If the garland is used for a doorway the sides would be vertical and across the top would be horizontal. Use the best method for where the garland will be displayed.

Things Needed
• Indian corn
• salt and pepper corn
• hemp cord
• craft wire
• boiling water
• oven

Tips & Warnings
• This garland outside will attract birds and squirrels.
• It works well on a staircase railing.
• Typically it is good for one season only.


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