How to Make a Fleece Scarf

How to Make a Fleece Scarf

Create an easy fleece scarf

Fleece is warm and colorful and it keeps out the cold. That makes it perfect for winter weather gear.

Even if you flubbed 6th grade sewing class, and would prefer not to sew at all, you can create a no sew fleece scarf.

The good thing about that is you can leave your sewing machine in the corner. It’s the fleece fabric that makes it easy.

The hardest part is choosing from the numerous fleece patterns available in your local fabric store. You can usually find whatever you need from a neutral color to a licensed print.

All you have to do is select the fleece fabric of your choice and take it home.

In no time you’ll be wearing a warm scarf and bragging to your friends how you made it yourself.


Step 1

Purchase your fleece fabric

Fleece fabric usually measures at least 60 inches long. That’s 5 feet, a length that’s just right for an adult length scarf. Decide how wide you want your scarf to be and you can get the fabric store employee to do half of the work for you.

Simply select your fleece fabric color and design, carry it to the cutting table and tell the employee on duty you want a 10 inch wide piece.

Step 2

Think about trim

While you are in the fabric store, decide if you want to cut a simple fringe or add decorative trim to your scarf. Black satin fringe, ribbon or whatever trim you decide can take your fleece scarf from simple to stylish in one easy step.

You will have to sew on the trim, but overall it will still be an easy project.

Step 3

Cut away unprinted ends

By cutting your fabric to your width, the fabric store will have already done most of your work, but you still have a few things to do.

If your printed fleece fabric has an unprinted edge, trim it away.

Step 4

Cut your fringe

Mark your fringe depth with a row of pins across the fabric 3 inches from the bottom.

Create your fringe by cutting the ends into strips 3 inches deep and 1/2 inch wide and you’re done!

Step 5

Or sew on some trim

If you’re thinking »this was way too easy,’ or if you decide your scarf is a bit too naked, add some decorative trim instead of cutting a fringe.

Pin your trim along each end then sew it into place.

You can stitch it with a sewing machine, but if you still want to leave that machine in the corner, try your hand stitching it instead.

Things Needed
• 10 inch wide piece of fleece fabric
• Scissors
• Optional
• Trim
• Sewing Machine
• Thread & Needle

Fleece scarf tips

• Experiment with trims for a wardrobe of looks
• Fleece comes in lots of licensed prints that make great accessories for men, women, girls or boys
• These scarves are so easy you’ll want to make one to go with every outfit


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