How to make a Fourth of July window greeting card using rub-ons

How to make a Fourth of July window greeting card using rub-ons

Fourth of July is a holiday that Americans look forward to celebrating. Many parties and smaller get-togethers require a little bit of preplanning. This 4TH of July card is perfect for the occasion. The colors alone are very festive. What makes this card exciting is the clear window front that displays colorful words pertaining to this national holiday. Whether the card is created to personally invite people to a 4TH of July party or sent to wish someone a safe and happy holiday, this card will suit your needs perfectly.


Step 1

Determine the window size

The size of the window on the card front can be large or small. Here regular playing cards are being used to determine the desired window size. To determine this, place a card or cards over the desired area on the rub-on sheet.

The area on the rub-ons that is going to be displayed for this card consumes most of 2 playing cards. These cards are slightly over lapping and secured to the card front with removable tape.

Trace the outline of the cards.

Step 2

Prepare to cut

Remove the playing cards.

Open up the card so it lays flat.

Slide the card into a paper cutter, aligning the blade with the traced lines.

Step 3

Cut on the lines

Cut the paper by sliding the blade.

Be sure you start and stop the blade only on the visible lines.

Step 4

Prepare your paper

Cut the blue paper to be of same size of the white card base.

Place the blue paper upside down.

Put the white card base over the blue paper. Make sure it is aligned.

Trace the window hole onto the back of the blue paper. This is demonstrated here with red ink.

Step 5

Cut the window

Cut out the window image like Step 3.

Save the window cut out for the next step.

Secure the blue paper over the white card base only at the corners that open up on the front side of the card.

Step 6

Secure the window

Secure the window cut out to the contact paper sheet.

Cut the contact paper out slightly larger than the window cut out. About �» extra on all sides will be sufficient.

Do not yet remove backing from contact paper.

Step 7

Cut around image

Again using the window cut out, secure it to the top of the rub-on sheet where desired with a little bit of removable tape.

Cut around the window image.

Step 8

Pepare the rub-on

The rough side of the rub-on will be the side that is secured to the sticky part of the contact paper.

Pull back one side of the contact paper protection sheet slowly. Pull it back far enough so that when the rub-on piece is put on top there remains a border of contact paper.

Once the first edge of the rub-on is stuck to the contact paper, carefully pull back the rest of the protection sheet.

Allow the rub-on piece to rest right on top. There should now be a border of contact paper remaining on all sides.

Step 9

Apply the rub-on window

Pull the blue paper away from the white card front gently.

Slip the rub-on window into position, allowing the sticky border of the extra contact paper to attach to the back of the blue paper window along the window frame.

Step 10

Align and glue

Line all the borders of the window with a little bit of glue. Too much will cause the glue to ease out of sides.

Close the blue paper back over the window, allowing the glue to keep it in place.

Step 11

Embellish the card

Add some embellishments to complete the card.

Thin red ribbon is shown here along the top and bottom borders of the window.

White ribbon can be formed into a bow and attached in the lower left corner of the window.

Things Needed
• Premade card base
• Blue sheet of scrapbook paper
• July 4TH sheet of rub-on sentiments —
• (The example used Patriotic Phrases by Royal & Langnickel Brush Mfg.)
• Red ribbon – ?” wide
• White ribbon – ?” wide
• Paper cutter
• Paper glue
• A playing card or two
• Scissors to cut ribbons
• All purpose glue to secure embellishments

Tips & Warnings
• If no premade blank card is available, make one from cardstock. Cut an 8 ?” x 11” piece of cardstock in half. Fold one of those halves in half again to form a 4 ?” x 5 ?” card.
• When tracing the window image in Step 4, a red marker will leave a nice effect for the appearance on the inside of the card.
• If scissors are being used instead of a paper cutter to cut out the window on the card, first pierce the center of the window with the scissor and cut out to one of the traced lines to begin cutting out the window.
• When selecting the rub-on sentiments that will display in the window, try to include at least one whole phrase. The example shows the full phrase “stars and stripes forever.”
• Try using red paper instead of the blue paper. Switch out the red ribbon for blue ribbon to give a different look.
• Another alternative would be to use images instead of rub-on words. Flags, fireworks or a large star would look really good.
• Stamp a border of stars on the inside of the card.
• Replace the ribbon bow on the card front for a flat wooden star or a 3d sparkly sticker of a flag or a star.
• Go along the edges of the card with an ink pad to make the colors really pop.


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