How to make a ghost garland

A little translucent and a fun craft
How to make a ghost garland

This garland is a fun Halloween craft for kids to make. It is rather flimsy and does not usually last more than one season. However, it is a family favorite and every year it seems like one or two strings have to be made, strung and hung.

It also seems like every year there is a new kind of glue that helps to make this project a little bit more fun as well.


Step 1

Gather or draw several small ghosts templates. It is fun to have many different shaped ghosts and they are quite easy to find and print. Just use regular copy paper to print the ghost.

Step 2

Tape one ghost template on a paper plate. Make sure it is secure and won’t move. This way it will stay on the plate for multiple uses and won’t slip when gluing on the parchment paper.

Step 3

Cut parchment paper in squares just a little bigger than the ghosts. Tape them so they fit snuggly over the template.

Step 4

Draw the outline of the ghost on the parchment paper with glue. Then fill in the shape completely with glue. Set these aside and let the glue dry for two days.

Step 5

Peel the ghost off the parchment paper. If there are more ghosts needed simply tape another peice of parchment paper on the template and repeat step 4.

Step 6

Draw a face on the ghosts with a black marker. String with a needle and thread.

Things Needed
• paper plates
• ghost templates
• scissors
• parchment paper
• regular white school glue
• glitter glue
• glow in the dark glue
• black fine tipped marker
• needle
• thread

Tips & Warnings
• Allow the ghosts to dry completely before peeling them off the parchment paper.
• Use only one type of glue for each ghost for best results.
• Assembly with needle and thread should be done by a parent.


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