How to make drawer organizers using empty cereal and food boxes

How to make drawer organizers using empty cereal and food boxes

Making your own drawer organizers is very easy to do using empty food boxes that originally packaged cereal, crackers, and cookies.

In this tutorial you will learn how to be resourceful in using recycled materials such as the empty boxes combined with wall paper scraps. The wall paper makes the organizers easy to maintain.

These organizers are effective in helping to keep the items in your drawers separated into categories for easy access. Creating your own drawer organizers enables you to save both time and money.


Step 1

Choose your selected empty boxes. Gather any wall paper scraps you may have.

Step 2

With the box laying flat on the largest side, cut out the top/front of the box along the creases of the box.

Step 3

Do not discard the box piece that you just removed. Put it aside for a later step.

Step 4

With packing tape, tape all corners and sides along the outside of the remaining box. This will help to keep the box more supporting.

Step 5

Should you have several different patterns of wall paper scraps, if possible choose the patterns that coordinate nicely together for one organizer.

Step 6

If desired you can use a ruler to measure box and paper sizes.

Fold an end of the wall paper over a wall of the box so that the edge comes right to the edge on the outside. The inside of the wall does not have to be exact, the paper can be slightly longer than the box crease line.

Step 7

While the paper is in a folded position over the cardboard wall, slide the box away.

Step 8

Continue holding the folded paper and cut the paper so that both folded edges are basically even with one another after cutting.

Step 9

Position the cut piece of wall paper over the side of the box and secure with the packing tape.

Step 10

Repeat these steps to cover all sides (inside and out) until all the sides are covered.

Step 11

It’s okay if the wall paper overlaps other sides as it will only make the box more sturdy.

Step 12

Be sure to secure the inside sides with packing tape as well.

Step 13

Here you have all four sides covered. The inside of the box is still just cardboard.

Step 14

Place the box cover that had been previously put aside, inside of the box frame to see if it fits snugly. Trim slightly if necessary before proceeding.

Step 15

Cover the piece of cardboard box cover by wrapping it in the wall paper like a present. Secure well with the packing tape underneath.

Step 16

Insert the wrapped cover into the box frame. This is now the bottom of your draw organizer.

Step 17

Notice how messy this drawer is without any type of separation.

Step 18

This truly makes a big difference and keeps the drawers from becoming a mess with time.

Things Needed
• Empty Cereal or food boxes
• Clear packaging tape
• Wall paper pieces
• Scissors

Tips & Warnings
• If you don’t have any wall paper scraps, you can easily obtain some from the dollar store or ask your local Home Depot for any retired wall paper sample books that they are getting rid of.
• Contact drawer paper would make a good substitute for the wall paper.
• Be sure to trim the insert for the bottom center before covering with wall paper.
• Different size boxes make sorting different sized utensils easier.
• Instructions don’t include a backing for the outside bottom of the drawer organizer. This can be done if desired just by cutting a piece of paper to size and again secure it with packing tape.


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