How to make violet flowers with quilling papers

How to make violet flowers with quilling papers

Once you’ve learnt the basic shapes from the ancient art of quilling, you will be able to create new and interesting designs of your own. As olde-worlde the art of Quilling is, so too is the violet.

The top four violet-colored petals are made of «teardrop» shapes. Underneath is a larger «paper-sculpture» petal, with a rich yellow «closed coil» center, and smaller «teardrop» shape. Long, dark green stems are created by simply gluing the quilling paper on one edge.

Entire card is shown at lower of middle column.


Step 1

Upper petals:

Using level-1 1/8th inch violet colored quilling paper

Make 12 x 4 inch (10 cm), teardrops. Six can be coiled a little more loose, and these will become the slightly larger, outer petals.

Template shapes
Step 2

Lower petals

(View template here)

Using the wider violet colored quilling paper, copy the shape shown on the template, for lower petal.

Draw the template design three (3) times, approx one inch long (or 1.5 cm).

Step 3

* Centers:

Cut the level-1 1/8th rich-yellow colored quilling paper, down to approximately 1/16th inch.

Now make 3 tight rolls (for centers) and 3 teardrops (to set below the centers)

Step 4


Using olive green colored quilling paper

Cut 2 x 2.20 inches (5.5 cm) and 1 x 1.5 inches (4 cm)

Step 5


To make nine (9) pair of leaves:

Using the wider, olive green colored paper, for added strength, glue two (2) together, to cut from.

When dry, cut into 9 x 3/4 inch (2 cm ) segments.

Fold each segment in half (width-ways), and draw leaf pattern on top half, with inner edge of leaf against fold (as shown). No need to be exacting, as any variation only adds to a natural likeness.

Cut leaves out, and erase any pencil lines.

Step 6


Starting with the first Violet flower to the left:

a) Glue onto the folded card front, the two (2) upper teardrops. Next add the two (2) outer (looser) teardrops.

b) Glue 1 x 2.20 inch (5.5 cm) stem (on the edge)

c) ROLL lower petal over skewer or kebab stick to give some shape, then pinch top end into a point.

Note: Squeeze a small dob of silicone from tube and «slice» through with skewer. Apply this small mound of silicone glue onto top end of stem with the end of the skewer.

d) Rest lower petal at its top end onto the silicone. Press top end down onto card leaving remainder somewhat elevated, and thereby adding some dimension to the design.

Allow silicone to completely dry before completing next step.

e) Glue rich yellow tight roll in center (at top of lower petal), and then add a rich yellow teardrop underneath.

Continue to complete project as pictured, adding leaf shapes last.

f) Hold pairs of leaves closed with tweezers and dip «fold» into p.v.a. glue before arranging on each stem.

Things Needed
• Card-stock 8 x 5 inches.
• Quilling tool (needle style)
• level-1 1/8th inch, quilling papers in violet, rich yellow, and olive green.
• Wider paper (to cut the lower “paper-sculptured” petals), in violet and olive green.
• P.v.a. glue.
• Silicone glue (for lower petals only).
• Long-nose tweezers (for picking up shapes)
• Skewer, or kebab stick (step 9-c)

Tips & Warnings
• Create all shapes first, before starting to «construct» the violet flowers.


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