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How to read a knitting chart

Knitting charts are helpful Many knitting patterns have written instructions for complex designs, but others have charts to show how the pattern is developed. Charts are most often used for multi-colored knitting, but sometimes are used for cables or lace patterns. Although they can be daunting,... More

How to make green turkey chili

Turkey is an excellent source of protein. Use ground turkey and beans as the basis for this great chili and the turkey will act as a healthier and leaner alternative to regular beef. Plus, the green Tabasco will give it just the right amount of kick to liven the dish... More

How to age paper for school projects

Aged but beautiful If you've ever kept old copies of newspapers or letters, you'll notice how the paper gradually begins to discolor and turn yellow over the years. This yellowing occurs due to a chemical process within the paper when it's exposed to sunlight and air. This aged paper is fragile... More