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How to make a fun party face mask

Crafting a Face Mask Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Face mask are used to hide ones appearance, so as not to be easily identified. Party Face Masks are mostly used for children’s parties and during Halloween. Some cultures used mask for ceremonial functions in rituals or... More

How to make a bird bath from clay pots

Birds need water too While many people are great about making all kinds of bird houses and bird feeders, there are not enough bird baths. Birds truly enjoy flitting about in a bird bath. Very little maintanence is needed with a simple bird bath. Just take a hose and rinse it and fill it when... More

How to applique a quilt block

Quilt block appliques Applique comes from the French word "appliquer". It means to "put on". In quilting, it is a layer of fabric put over the block to create a design. There are other ways to put a design on a quilt block and that is done by piecing but unless you are very good at it,... More

How to use sewing skills to make money

How to earn from sewing skills Even the most basic skill at sewing can be used to earn money. From sewing custom garments and other items to performing alterations on ready to wear garments, as well as creatiing toys and craft items, employing your ability to sew can pay off in big... More

How to make a travel trash bag holder

Travelers often eat and drink in their vehicles, and when finished they have bags of trash strewn all about. Instead of leaving an unsightly mess, you can make your own trash bag holder to contain all of that trash while traveling. Some experience with a sewing machine or serger is recommended,... More

How to make a burlap rug

Burlap / Hessian / gunny sack rug   A burlap rug is the result of patient handwork over a period of time. Simple rugs can be made from small pieces of sack material, but the more intricate and beautiful rugs are those made with a larger spread of sack material. It takes... More

How to use circular knitting needles

Knitting with circular needles Beginning knitters are usually taught to knit with straight needles. Once they become proficient with straight needles it is time to graduate to other types of needles. One such type is a circular needle which is not that much different from other... More

How to make a holder for ponytail elastics

Keep track of ponytail elastics "Mom, where is my pony-holder?" Children are notorious for taking a ponytail out and tossing the elastic in any direction. This cute ponytail elastic holder give them a place to put and find the elastics. It is cute and easy to make. The children may even like it... More

How to make a wall hanging quilt

Making quilts is a delightful way of using up scrap material. Choosing smallprint cottons, you can make wonderful designs which can be used as wall hangings in your home as a unique touch to your household decor. Look for ideas. Each quilt is a personal one, and none are identical when... More

How to Buy Yarn for Crocheting

Yarn selection and purchase Choosing yarns for crochet takes a bit of planning. Some yarns are better suited than others for certain projects while some yarns can be substituted depending on texture and weight. Knowing a bit about the different kinds of yarn is essential to choosing the right... More