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How to make a holder for ponytail elastics

Keep track of ponytail elastics "Mom, where is my pony-holder?" Children are notorious for taking a ponytail out and tossing the elastic in any direction. This cute ponytail elastic holder give them a place to put and find the elastics. It is cute and easy to make. The children may even like it... More

How to make a wall hanging quilt

Making quilts is a delightful way of using up scrap material. Choosing smallprint cottons, you can make wonderful designs which can be used as wall hangings in your home as a unique touch to your household decor. Look for ideas. Each quilt is a personal one, and none are identical when... More

How to Buy Yarn for Crocheting

Yarn selection and purchase Choosing yarns for crochet takes a bit of planning. Some yarns are better suited than others for certain projects while some yarns can be substituted depending on texture and weight. Knowing a bit about the different kinds of yarn is essential to choosing the right... More

How to make a 3D star from paper

A guide to making 3D paper stars Making 3D paper stars sounds like it would be difficult to make, but they are actually very simple and fun to make. Whether you're making them as decorations or gifts, or just because you'd like to know how, this is the guide for... More

How to make a firework decoration using wood skewers

The 4th of July is a very popular holiday in regard to decorations. Decorations have a way of heightening the excitement of such a special occasion. When you make them yourself, you add an extra, distinctive flare to the season because they'll become instant conversation pieces, and because... More

How to make a paper mache mask

Do you need a mask for a play? Perhaps you need a new wall decoration or you need a new idea to use to finish an artistic school project about Africa? Paper mache mask crafting could be the answer to all your project needs. Paper mache crafts are simple and easy to make. It makes sense to use... More

How to Make an Origami Swan

How To Make An Origami Swan Often, trying to do origami can be difficult so here is a step-by-step guide to show you how. An origami swan is very simple to make but also very beautiful. Making origami swans is a very popular activity among younger people in Asia. Origami swans are often used at... More

How to sew a hem on pants

How to hem your own pants It is very unlikely that you will be able to get the exact leg length when you buy new dress pants or jeans. This means a trip to the tailor shop and extra money in having to pay to get the pants hemmed to the right length. You can save yourself money... More

How to create wax painted Easter eggs

One of a kind Easter egg art that makes your friends go - Wow! Ready to get creative? Painted Easter eggs make fabulous gifts. This wax painting style is an alternative to Ukrainian pysanky. But, I found that the tools and designs for pysanky are much more demanding. This coloring technique... More

How to make a back to school card

Share the excitement of a new school year, an ending of a school year or even an achievement made during the school year with an elementary child. This card is screaming fun! With easy to follow instructions you can create this card in a short amount of time. [donate]Instructions Step... More