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How to knit a dishcloth

Knitted discloths make great gifts A dishcloth is a simple project for a beginning knitter. For the more experienced, different patterns can add interest to the dishcloth. One can be completed in a few hours and they make great bridal shower or housewarming gifts. Some homemakers say they will... More

How to apply glass paint to a complex glass design

Glass paint is a particularly difficult medium to use. Although many attempt to use glass paint with a brush, this isn't the most effective manner of using it. In fact losing the bristles from a brush into the paint can destroy the overall effect of the painting done. Glass paint is an opaque... More

How to make cloth placemats

Show off your table with easy to make cloth placemats Cloth placemats add charm and protection to your table at meal time. With a variety of colors and personnel touches like adding applique or machine embroidery, your table will be a picture of perfection. A vision of a tablesetting with cloth... More

How to avoid ladders when knitting with four double pointed needles

Ladders are loose stitches Ladders, as they apply to knitting, look like steps to be climbed. They occur if one is not careful when knitting in the round. Although they may look like dropped stitches, actually they are formed by your stitches being loose when you change from one needle to the... More

How to make tablecloths for picnic tables

Convenience at your fingertips Are you having a problem keeping your tablecloth on the picnic table? If you are, you may want to consider making your own form fitted tablecloth for your picnic table. It's quick and easy, and when it's finished, it will provide years of protection for your table... More

How to cut out a paper snowflake

Many young children the world over have experienced the magic happening when cutting out a paper snowflake. By folding a piece of paper several times, and then cutting tiny sections away, a decorative and sometimes very intricate, snowflake design evolves. Share their delight by making paper... More

How to create an accordion folded card for special occasions

An accordion folded card... customized by you   The image at the left is of a nautical card after it was folded. The card was printed on photo paper (17 x 5 inches). Several tests prints had to be made to get the exact proportions. The sample shows you how to layout your... More

How to make a mini jewlry or catchall cup

A simple craft for daily use A mini jewelry catchall cup is a craft you can put together in less than half an hour, and can be a wonderful surprise for that special someone in your life. It costs next to nothing to make if you use items you already have, but for just a little under ten dollars,... More

How to sew without using a pattern

Making your own style clothing Sewing without a pattern is relatively easy to achieve. Fashions change though the individual like of a garment we can no longer buy will always spur the seamstress into making the item themselves. If the market cannot provide them with the items they like, there is... More

How to crochet a pot scrubber from netting

Even with dishwashers and other modern conveniences pots and pans need to be scrubbed. These scrubbers are durable, inexpensive, and quick to make. They can be made in a varitey of colors. [donate]Instructions Step 1 Prepare the netting Pot scrubbers are made from netting that can be... More