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How to make a mini jewlry or catchall cup

A simple craft for daily use A mini jewelry catchall cup is a craft you can put together in less than half an hour, and can be a wonderful surprise for that special someone in your life. It costs next to nothing to make if you use items you already have, but for just a little under ten dollars,... More

How to sew without using a pattern

Making your own style clothing Sewing without a pattern is relatively easy to achieve. Fashions change though the individual like of a garment we can no longer buy will always spur the seamstress into making the item themselves. If the market cannot provide them with the items they like, there is... More

How to crochet a pot scrubber from netting

Even with dishwashers and other modern conveniences pots and pans need to be scrubbed. These scrubbers are durable, inexpensive, and quick to make. They can be made in a varitey of colors. [donate]Instructions Step 1 Prepare the netting Pot scrubbers are made from netting that can be... More

How to make a digital photo CD slideshow

Bringing slide shows up to date In the olden days, people used slide projection to share images. These days, with the dawning of the digital age, people are less aware of what is available for producing slide shows other than the level-1 software which comes with their comptuer system. It isn't... More

How to pick up dropped stitches in knitting

Dropped stitches can be fixed easily Every knitter, from the beginner to the expert, will, on occasion, find a mistake in the project they are working on. Most of them can be fixed rather easily, but some take a little more time. One thing every knitter knows is to keep a crochet hook handy in... More

How to make a cable in knitting

Cables add interest to a knitting project Cables can be used on many garments including, scarves, caps, sweaters and even afghans. Cables are not difficult to make and add interest to most any pattern. They are usually set off by reverse stockinette or seed stitches on either side. This makes the... More

How to learn the papercraft of quilling using closed shapes

The art of quilling has evolved from way back, perhaps even beyond the 15th century, when Papyrus was torn into strips and rolled around a bird quill. During the 17th century, monks used quilling with added faux gilding to embellish religious panels. It would appear then as intricate gold... More

How to pick the right knitting needles

Choose the knitting needles that are best for the project Knitting is one of the few hobbies that require very little equipment. If you have a ball of yarn and a pair of knitting needles, you are in business. True, there are other items that can be used, but the basics are yarn and needles. To... More

How to make a wreath for 4th of July using dollar store items

Adorning a door or a wall with a festive wreath is a way to display excitement for the upcoming holiday. This 4th of July wreath is fun to display and simple to make. This attractive wreath can be made at a small cost as all the supplies were purchased from Dollar... More

How to make a wet flower wedding bouquet

Wet flower bouquets for long lasting freshness Dazzling audiences is child's play when blushing brides highlight bridal wear by embracing wet flower wedding bouquets that complement dress as well as beauty. What's more is that wet flower bouquets, also called fresh flower bouquets, are so easy to... More