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How to choose a creative housewarming gift

Giving a gift that matters Housewarmings are great fun. New homes give people that positive feeling, and choosing something for people with new homes is the customary way of wishing them well, although there are so many pitfalls to avoid. At that time when someone has a new home, they are... More

How to do iris folding

Iris Folding Iris folding is a nifty, kid-friendly paper craft that creates angular designs similar in appearance to a camera iris when it is closed over its aperture. Designs can be very simple or more intricate and involved. The best part is there are only a handful of materials needed for... More

How to create painted glass stemware

Personalizing your glasses. Everyone knows and recognizes a champagne or wine glass as a great receptacle for sharing a drink with friends. However, with a little thought and skills, you can make your glasses look wonderful. Imagine the reflective qualities of glass and color combined. The... More

How to weave in the ends on crochet

Crochet made perfect When you work with crochet, there are many occasions where ends will remain at the back of the work and will need to be blended into the work to make the back of the work as neat as the front. These are dealt with in a variety of ways, depending upon whether the thread... More

How to use a lazy Kate

How to use a lazy Kate. Those who are new to spinning their own wool may wonder how a Lazy Kate is used. This nifty tool helps a spinner to produce ply in their wool. It's an ingenius device used to hold the full bobbins of wool, so that the threads from those bobbins can be combined and respun... More

How to up-cycle a vase or glass jar

This quick recycling craft is sure to turn any glass vase or jar into a beautiful work of art. Most likely you have all the materials you need around the house. The finished product resembles a piece of bark or has a "crackled" effect. It is stunning with a candle inside or as a... More

How to make lip gloss

Young girls enjoy experimenting with make up and lip stick. It is fun to turn the whole process into a craft project and let them make their own lip gloss. There are many options available. It is a good idea to use a base that is healthy for the lips. So why not gather some girls together and... More

How to make jump rings for wire jewelry

Three ways to make jump rings If you're already learning wire jewelry making techniques, why not add jump rings to the list? As you expand your range of wire jewelry making skills, you will come to rely on those little wire circles to connect parts together, add a circular accent or a hint of... More

How to make fringed flowers with quilling papers

Flowers made from quilling papers can be used to decorate a card front, a gift box lid, or gift tag. Use them perhaps as single flowers, at the top of a long stem of quilling paper set down on it's side, or use them collectively and create 'bunches' of flowerheads. These Australian native... More

How to make a ghost on a stick decoration

Halloween craft fun - How to make a ghost on a stick What exactly is a ghost on a stick? A Ghost on a Stick is... well, it's a .... a ghost... on a.... stick. Why would you want one? It's Halloween, the time of year when everyone needs a ghostly companion. It is an easy and fun craft that anyone... More