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How to make a bookmark

Making your own marker Book readers treasure bookmarks, and can never have too many. They are useful for marking pages, although the use of bookmarks is more significant than that, as those who love the written word will not only want to mark the page they have reached, but will also want to... More

How to make a 3D school bus embellishment

Creating these adorable school buses is a breeze! The buses are perfect embellishments to use on a handmade card or a school themed scrapbook page. Along with the easy to follow instructions and the basic supplies required to create these embellishments, you will have a unique eye catching... More

How to decorate wood letters with paper

Embellishing wood letters with papers of any kind is simple! Even if you claim to be limited in your creative abilities, this is one project that does not even require to cut straight lines! Decorated wooden letters can be used alone as an initial or you can create words for your walls. However... More

How to control stitch tension in knitting

Good tension control makes for good knitting Tension is the resistance on the yarn you feel as it passes through your fingers. Controling that tension is a very important component of knitting. It is what makes your knitting look professional. With good tension control your knitting... More

How to bind or cast off in knitting

To bind off or to cast off stitches is the procedure used to finish your knitting project Knitting is a deeply satisfying form of self-expression. Whether you are making a simple shawl or a complicated garment, you are creating something that gives much pleasure to the intended recipient. It can... More

How to batik a stamped image

When we see the word "batik", our first thoughts may be of the colorful batik textiles from Asia. Within creative circles, this application is often also applied to various works of art. Instead of the traditional wax-resist, this method uses a water-mark ink pad with a clear embossing... More

How to thread a sewing machine

Getting your machine ready to sew. While different machines have different threading mechanisms, the overall rules of threading remain the same. People have difficulty simply because they are not certain of the order in which the threading process takes place. This is the element which is the... More

How to make snowflakes from cardboard toilet paper rolls

Snowflakes are a fun decoration. Since there are no two snowflakes alike, there is really no wrong way to make a snowflake. These particular snowflakes are fun because they use something that would normally just be tossed away and turn it into something fun and beautiful. These make a great... More

How to make fake candles with decorative paper doilies

It's a lot like Christmas in the image shown here, but these fake candles can be made to suit anytime of year. Easy to make in moments, and all that's needed are a few items to get started. These candles with a twist are out to impress all who see them; be the first to adapt the idea in your own... More

How to learn the papercraft of quilling using scroll shapes

Here's five easy to make "scroll-shapes" where no glue is required. Add these to your sampler of "closed-shapes", creating a ready-reference aid of varied quilling shapes. Over time, the beginning quiller will be able to recognize which shapes will readily portray any part of a new design. Look... More