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How to make snowflakes from cardboard toilet paper rolls

Snowflakes are a fun decoration. Since there are no two snowflakes alike, there is really no wrong way to make a snowflake. These particular snowflakes are fun because they use something that would normally just be tossed away and turn it into something fun and beautiful. These make a great... More

How to make fake candles with decorative paper doilies

It's a lot like Christmas in the image shown here, but these fake candles can be made to suit anytime of year. Easy to make in moments, and all that's needed are a few items to get started. These candles with a twist are out to impress all who see them; be the first to adapt the idea in your own... More

How to learn the papercraft of quilling using scroll shapes

Here's five easy to make "scroll-shapes" where no glue is required. Add these to your sampler of "closed-shapes", creating a ready-reference aid of varied quilling shapes. Over time, the beginning quiller will be able to recognize which shapes will readily portray any part of a new design. Look... More

How to make a golden christmas basket of dried flowers, cones and seedheads

Applying shimmering gold as an accent color can turn a basket of dried flowers, cones and seed-heads into a festive ornament, perfect for use as a Christmas decoration. Add the Midas touch to a seasonal dried flower arrangement by spraying it with gold paint. Firm materials such as small pine or... More

How to Make Paper Beads

Recycled beads that are fun to make and wear If you have a lot of paper products, such as magazines and posters, laying around and simply collecting dust, you may want to try your hand at making paper beads. These lightweight yet beautiful and inexpensive beads are fun to make, whether alone or... More

How to make chalk board Easter eggs

It is always fun when one can put a new twist on a traditional craft. These Easter eggs can be made from platic eggs that have been saved over the years. They can also be made with wooden eggs. They have a very different and festive look. Children will enjoy decorating them. Any time they want a... More

How to fix mistakes in knitting

Crochet hooks are useful for fixing knitting mistakes Every knitter, from the beginner to the expert, will, on occasion, find a mistake in the project they are working on. Most of them can be fixed rather easily, but some take a little more time. One thing every knitter knows is to keep a... More

How to make a no sew flower ponytail holder

Dress up that ponytail Putting hair in a pony tail is a quickly and easy way to keep hair under control and out of one's face. However, day after day it may be a little boring for some. These no sew pony tail holder's can be made to match any outfit. Once the folds are learned it only takes about... More

How to tie a slip knot for knitting or sewing

Slip knots are usually the preferred method of starting a yarn project and are very easy to make. When starting a craft project with yarn, string or thread, it often requires a slip knot or 'stitch' to be made. This is a very easy stitch to do that only requires your hands to make. A benefit of... More

How to make a bouquet of roses from dollar bills

  Most would agree that a bouquet of roses is a thoughtful gift. When the roses are made of dollar bills anyone would be happy to be receiving flowers. With this simple rolling and folding technique bill can be turned into roses and arranged in a bouquet. There has never been... More