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How to make a beer can Christmas tree

Redneck can be beautiful Neighbors who see this unique tree lit up in the window will marvel at it's beautiful glow. The tree changes colors with the lights. It is a bit of a mystery. Friends who stop by during the day may enjoy a little chuckle. It is probably not at all what they expected when... More

How to construct crazy-quilt foundation blocks

For the beginner, with easy steps Crazy-quilting can become yet another artistic opportunity for both quilters and creative sewers. With crazy-quilt blocks, left-over fabrics from previous sewing or quilting projects can come together for a new and very different quilting project. An eclectic mix... More

How to keep kids busy with salt dough art

Salt dough for all occasions Salt dough is one of the most versatile of all the mediums for creating anything from Christmas ornaments to jewelry. It is easy to make, easy to work with and older children do not need adult supervision except to turn on the oven. There is no limit to the things... More

How to decorate clear Christmas ball ornaments

Decorating clear Christmas balls These clear glass Christmas balls can be found at most craft stores. After the top is removed the empty ball can be decorated in numerous ways. There are many methods that may be used to decorate these balls. You can insert garlands, flowers, ribbons and many... More

How to draw a five-point star

Need to draw a star? Follow these five simple steps. Christmas, proms, parties and a lot of other celebrations will have you seeing stars on ceilings, windows, cards and more. An easy way to draw these stars for these celebrations takes only five easy steps. Then you can color them in, cut them... More

How to hem a skirt

Often those skirts you buy from the shop are too long or too short. Learning to hem means that you can adjust the length of those garments which need to be restyled, and can also prove useful in the making of new garments. This guide is based on experience and tells the reader how to use... More

How to make a four-leaf clover charm

Instead of just wearing the color green on St. Patty's Day, why not raise your chances of being "lucky" every day by carrying or wearing a handmade four-leaf clover charm. The best thing about charms is that they are versatile. Charms can be conveniently carried with you where ever you go by... More

How to build an Ottoman for American Girl dolls

Girls love their American Girl dolls and enjoy playing with them. After the excitement of finding Molly or Julie inside a package, girls start wishing that they had things to use in their play with their doll. Things like food, clothes or furniture. Most dream their way through the American Girl... More

How to crochet a poinsettia afghan

Crochet your own poinsettia afghan A poinsettia afghan will brighten any room of your home. While it would generally be used at Christmas time, it can be used at any time of the year when you want to cuddle up under a warm blanket. As long as you know how to make the stitches needed in... More

How to choose a sewing thread

A stitch in time. The haberdashery shops are filled with all kinds of threads. How is a seamstress or hobbyist supposed to choose the right thread for the project in hand? This guide takes the reader through the different choices, and explains the difference between the various thread options, so... More